Castor Oil

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stacy4212000 - March 10

i asked about castrol oil helping induce labor i meant CASTOR oil. does it really help?


Bobbi - March 16

The doctors say no, but I went to the doctor on Tuesday, and he told me I'd go another week, so on Wednesday, my friend gave me castor oil in orange juice at 12:00 p.m., and I had a baby at 8:42 p.m. It took about 3-4 hours, then the labor began, water broke, and screaming all the way to the hospital. Didn't get to the hospital in time to have pain killers, so delivered naturally--wasn't bad though. I believe if you're ready, castor oil works.


Rita - March 18

I took castor oil when I was pregnant with my son. I went into 17 hours of hard false labor. The nurses at the hospitol told my that it was wrong to take it. It cause diarea among other things and that whatever I was going through I was putting my baby through the same thing. I'm not sure if they were trying to scare me . Good Luck


Maleficent - April 4

castor oil doesn't cause contractions, it casues diareah. all the tummy churning, cramping and dehydration equals enough stress to bring on labor. it's REALLY not safe. i would never take a risk like that just because i'm "tired of being pregnant".


Crystal - April 8

I took it 4 days before my due date and it worked instantly. My midwife said it would not have thrown me into labor if my body was not pretty ready anyway. I liked the fact that I did not have to worry about having a bowel movement during labor as well. My water broke within an hour of taking it and my daughter was born 9 hours later.


amber - April 8

i asked my doctor if they could induce my labor and she said no cuz nothing was wrong but she told me to take half a bottle of castor oil... i also know a couple of people who have tried it.... sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.


Jill - April 8

I took it 2 nights ago Went to the hospital at 4 am with really painfull contractions I was only 1 cm. so they sent me home. then last night my contractions completely stopped, so I give up I will just wait 2 weeks for my Dr. to induce me


Lisa - April 15

I drank 2 0z of castor oil mixed in orange juice a few days ago. Nothing happend. My diarea wasn't even as bad as other people claim it to be. when I drank it I was 3 cm dilated and 50% efaced. I went to the doctor today, now I'm 4 cm dilated and 60% efaced. I still have two more ounces of castor oil left and I am thinking of drinking the rest! Midwives and some doctors suggest drinking castor oil, if there was really risk of hurting or putting your baby in danger why would they recommend it? I know several women who have took it and there babies are fine, but it also didn't make labor start.


Allyson - April 19

I sumbled upon this board while researching the pros/cons of Castor Oil. I was happy to read about others experiences. However, the person who is posting mean, hateful things and wishing complications on others should stop using this forum. That is tacky and wrong to wish ill on anyone, especially an expectant mother. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Fionnuala - April 24

I just drank four ounces...lets see!


Renee - April 24

Don't do it!!! It causes bowel stimulation (diareaha, SP?), which may or may NOT start contractions. It will, however leave you with worse cramps and sitting on the toilet for hours. My suggestion is not to do it!!


Erica - April 25

I agree with allyson. Though you may have strong views on the use of castor oil, it is wrong for you to wish harm on an expectant mother. It is a persons right to choose to take castor oil, and for whatever reason they may have for doing so you don't have the right to wish harm on them!!!! That is childish.


Christina - April 25

I took a whole bottle with my first pregnancy at 42 weeks pregnant and nothing happened not even painful cramping. However this is my second pregnancy and I had a really bad episode of constipation and I took 1 small teaspoon to help it (I was 35 weeks and 3 days along) and it helped my bowels soften up and go for a healthy poop the very next day! lol, some people are different though, it may or may not help you!


Shannon - April 26

okay, this is to the people that are being completely stupid and rude, everyone has their own opinion and frankly if this was dangerous doctors would not say it was okay, they would firmly say not to do it, So you stupid people that are wishing bad things on these women because they used castor oil are ridiculous, you never wish bad things on other people especially pregnant women and their babies, yes, to you : Im just warning you" dont be so childish. Women have does this for decades with no problems.


okay - April 28

my niece was born at 36 weeks that isnt being in the belly to long.


ITS SAFE - April 28



Tamara - April 29

It didn't work the first time with me?just pooping and cramps.But the second time I did it my water broke and I went in and they gave me medication to dialate.



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