Castor Oil

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aangel310 - September 18

Anyone tried castor oil and it worked. How did you take it and how much.


mommaerin - September 18

I took 4 tbls with orange juice last night around 6 pm. It is now 9:30 am and it hasn't even caused me to go to the bathroom yet. I don't think it is going to work for me. This last month has been longer than the whole 9 months!


LisaN. - September 30

I am 39+ weeks along, I've been dialated to 1cm for a month now (as of a week ago friday, most likely more now). I've been having contractions for a week now but never strong or regular enough to go in to the doctors. Last night I tried 1oz of castor oil mixed with a bit of ginger ale (small enough amount to take it all in one swift shot) at about 5:15pm. No smell or taste, it's the texture and appearance that was hard for me. Anyways, about 8:30pm I started feeling naseaus, I threw up (alot) one time (bathroom STUNK afterwards) and then felt really tired and slightly headache, so I had my hubby get me a cola and I went to bed. Never had a bowel movement, didn't throw up again - nothing. I DID have a number of inconsistant contractions and one pretty strong one (strong enough I couldn't walk through it) at about 9:35. It's 10:31am Saturday (next day) and I'm debating whether or not to try again. It sounds like everyone does like 2oz - double what I tried - so maybe I just didn't do enough?


lovebugg42 - September 30

I am honestly considering taking some castor oil to get this baby out, but where would I find it at?


LisaN. - October 4

lovebugg42 you can find it in the pharmacy of your local drug store, typically with other laxatives and stool softeners. It totally didn't work for me, and I've decided not to try again as it did make me feel sick. I spoke to a nurse and she said that what *is* proven (according to Kaiser) to work is: Having s_x - his s____n will help ripen the cervix, Walking is reputed (though not proven she said) to help get the baby into position and get things moving along, Raspberry leaf tea will help the cervix to soften and ripen, and she suggested eatting pineapple but didn't say what it does or if it's proven or not. She did say not to bother with the skippolini's pizza as it will give you heartburn (I must disagree though, my husband and I have tried that a few times, and despite the fact that we both know it doesn't work, it does taste very good!!), and not to do the castor oil becuase if you do go into labor you will be miserable and if it doesn't you are sick and poopy for nothing. Hope that helps.


motherof3 - October 5

I am a mother of three children and each birth, castor oil has worked like a charm!! I am currently 38 wks pregnant and very tired. I am taking my first dose of castor oil this morning and expect to be in labor later on this evening!!! I am effacing and dilated 2 1/2 centimeters. So good luck


RaeRae - October 5

I took castor oil last night at about 9pm. Had contractions till about 4am, and everything stopped. Only had two bathroom trips the entire time. If I were to take it again, would I have to wait a certain about of time? And would it even be worth to try again? I'm 40 weeks and miserable.


brenda - October 17

i tried castor oil w/my 3rd daughter. my boss told me about it cause she could see how miserable i looked. i couldn't sit or walk every thing hurt and my employers were cold and callous. i took some castor oil at 6pm when i went home. at 9p i went to the hospital i was 3 cm dilated and my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. i was only 37 wks pregnant. i gave birth to my daughter the next day. i am now pregnant w/my 4th daughter and i have experienced alot of complications with this pregnancy than i did w/my previous 3. i have severe pain from where she is sitting on my sciatic nerve, i'm anemic which is causing dizziness and rapid heart beats. i have been on bed rests since september. i am ready to have this baby but the castor which i took last night and again this morning doesn't seem to have any effect on me this time. i was 2 cm dilated last week when i went to the dr, i have another dr's appt again today maybe she will say the oil did help me dilate a bith more. we will see. and for all you women judging others for wanting to induce their labor - don't be so judgmental - you may have a great pregnancy while the other person is having a very difficult one. wish me luck!


kandc2005 - November 1

I tried Castor Oil the other night. Didnt work at all. I was really upset about that. I am having a hard time at the end of this pregnancy i'm 38 weeks pregnant, plus a few days. I'm ready to have this baby. i took about half the bottle (2oz) with some Dr. Pepper. Couldnt really taste the oil... Few hours later i had to go to the bathroom real bad... and that was about it, So i tried the rest in the early morning about 7 hours after the first dose. Did the same thing, but no contractions. Oh well. Its obviously not for everyone. But i do suggest that if your going to try this, do it with something bubbly, like Dr. Pepper or coke, Dont try sprite or anything thats not very surupy... i heard grape juice works real well. But didnt try that. Maybe i'll try the oil thing again in a few days if i dont go into labor naturally...


Dannitoo - November 15

I have Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (separated pelvis) and am at 30 weeks with a lot of pain. Spoke with the doctor as to how long we were going to have to hold out on having this baby. He told me that 37 weeks is considered term but 36 is not considered premature (maybe varies from dr to dr or facility). Asked him if 36 weeks was too soon to have this baby and he said no but he will not induce until we absolutely have to. Asked him about Castor oil and he laughed and said it was a wives tale. He did go on to say it will work if your body is mostly ready to have the baby anyway. It in no way will put you into labor unless the other conditions are right. Hence the hit or miss results I would expect.


Wellis10 - November 15

I have the same question, I'll be 38 weeks on friday and Iam miserable. I'm scared to ask my doctor about it b/c .....what if she judges me. I heard that it can cause a problem with the fluid in the sac or womb....and I want to try it but I don't want to cause any problems with my baby. I just want the baby to come out.


lilbuddha - November 16

think of it this way, castor oil is the snow flake that causes the avalanche. It is not going to hurt you(other than possibly giving you really bad runs)in which case stay well hydrated. If your not ready to deliver you gotta go through this for nothing. Keep in mind also that inducing labor usually causes it to be long and drawn out , I don't know about you but as uncomfortable as I am(and im 42weeks 2 days) I don't want a hard labor!!!


3timemom - November 26

Well i took it a couple of hours ago nothing yet but i do feel a little sick to my stomach but i only went to the bathroom once and a little gas but no contractions.


ash2 - December 2

Ummm, this post is over a year old.


Trudyfrutti - February 25

i have been on this site for about a week now contemplating whether or not to take this castor oil stuff.. i am 39 wks and decided wth becuz i was refused last minute for an induction last week..and i was not very impressed, the attending OBS did not think induction was necessary for me since i had no High BP, or gestational.. my family dr. felt that it was necessary becuz the baby measured quite large(fundal ht) i bought the oil, and the OJ poured about 2 TBSP out of the bottle and poured 2TBSP of the oil.. drank like a quarter of it.. Nothing was happening i was so discouraged, so i took a nap, and woke up and still no pains cramps or diarrhea, had some supper, and BAM my bowels started moving,, first BM was soft, second one was a bit runny.. then after BM #2 i felt a strong contraction,.and i am still contracting right now..i am sitting home waiting it out for a bit til the pains become too intense.. i will let yous all know what happened ok..


logansmom - February 26

I tried it on Saturday and it did indeed put me into early labor, I was having contractions that were 3 minutes apart and I went to the hospital and they said that I was still in early labor that they were not patternable yet and they gave me a pain shot and an AMBIEN to sleep and sent me home. I lost the second half of my plug on Sunday and today I am not feeling right for some reason. So hopefully it will be soon!



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