Castor Oil

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logansmom - February 26

I tried it on Saturday and it did indeed put me into early labor, I was having contractions that were 3 minutes apart and I went to the hospital and they said that I was still in early labor that they were not patternable yet and they gave me a pain shot and an AMBIEN to sleep and sent me home. I lost the second half of my plug on Sunday and today I am not feeling right for some reason. So hopefully it will be soon!


3timemom - February 26

Well i used the castor oil and it did the trick i was a little under the weather but in a few hours i was in labor and i had my son within 24 hours .


steph207 - March 23

I read a study done on castor oil 50 women between 40-42 weeks took castor oil and 50 didn't of the 50 who did 32 went into labor and of the 50 who didn't 2 went into labor. So it can work to help start labor but it's not a guarantee. I myself am 4 days overdue and have seriously considered taking it, but I have decided to just wait. I am being induced in 5 more days and although would rather go in labor naturally I really don't want to be cramped up and have the chance of not going in labor. I feel as though it is up to the mother though, if she doesn't mind a lil belly aching and diarrhea, go for it.


Stephanie B - March 24

I took castor oil 3 days ago and sucessfully induced my labor. just to let ya'll know i was 37 and 2 days prego, 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. so if your body is ready then it'll do the trick. my body was already ready, i'd been having contractions for about a week before i tried it and the docs said i had to wait 2 more weeks til they would induce. my baby girl weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces and she is healthy and beautiful!! just b/c my story is a sucess though, make sure your body is ready cuz i know people who've tried it and ended up just being sick for hours b/c thier body wasn't ready.


steph207 - March 25

stephanie b, how did you take the castor oil, did you mix it with somethingand how much did you take...I wasn't going to do it, but I will be 41 weeks pregnant tom and I can't take it anymore...they are inducing me wednesday so if it works great and if not well then i cleaned myself out for induction ha ha.


yanabec - April 21

i took castor oil last night around 12:00am and took about 4 tbsp. nothing happened at all. all i did was go to the bathroom once and that was about 3:00pm. i have heard that nothing happens sometimes for about 24 hrs. maybe it hasnt fully kicked in yet but if nothing happens by 6ish pm am gonna take some more. My reasoning for taking it is i went to the hospital with contractions and i was dilated 2 cm at 38 wks, 50%, but the contractions became to weak to make any progress on the cervix so they sent me home. i was all ready to go and have my baby boy but nope, nothing. I'll keep you up to date.


addisons mommy - April 23

I used it, just 1 tblspoon or 2 you dont want to poop all night!!! but my labor lasted about 18-19 hours. I didnt poop..... they gave me a enima. I took it at about 5 or 6 at night went into labor at about 4:30-5:00am had her at 9:50


yanabec - April 24

addisons mommy: how far a long were you because it didnt work for me...i was gonna take it again but am not 39 wks this happy it worked for you tho, am sure your glad to and congradulations!!


steph207 - April 25

Hey, I know I was asking how to take the castor oil, but I wussed out and never took it. Had my daughter a week and 2 days late weighing in at a whooping 5 lbs 14 oz, so I guess looking back I'm glad I didn't take it...I mean she's a pet_te one and just needed a lil extra be sure your baby is measuring good, now if i have another and he/she measures big, I'd prolly take some then, that small baby bout killed me ha I couldn't handle a big one woo


violentbeauty6 - April 25

I took it with my son. It didn't work, I got nothing from it. No diahrrea or nothing. A week later, hubby and I had s_x and we had our son two days later.


wifey711 - April 26

i took 3 tablespoons last night had some contaractions .. nothing really today should i take more?


Caley - April 28

Hey im a little over 37 weeks and i've been 2cm dilated for 3 weeks and im 75% effaced. this is my second pregnancy i had my daughter at 37 weeks and that was with no inductions. but should i try to take the castor oil with this one or just wait it out?


lisamapi - May 1

yea it defo does work i took caster oil wen i was 37+6 days pregnant had my baby boy 38weeks pregnant 12hours after taking caster oil my waters broke reece my baby is fine .


angeleyes2006 - May 2

I'm also a CNA, And have studied these things. Yes it can cause your baby to poop inside you which isn't good at all. But that's if you take to much. Taking to much can cause strong contractions "Bowl contractions" Causing you to strain yourself on pooping and having the runs cause straining of the abdomen as well. I would just take 1 Tbs once an hour try 1 Tbs at 1 hour then once more an hour later and wait about 2 hours for it to kick in "while your waiting that hour for contractions to start with first dose take a 30 min walk "outside or on treadmill".Come back in and take another dose.. If your contractions don't start after those two doses and 1 hour walk.. Take one more dose making it 3 and it should work.. I've recommended this to several patients in ER that were past 36 weeks pregnant.. And all came back same night or next night with a baby.. They were all healthy births..I wish everyone luck!!!


krista_09 - May 24

i am 38 weeks tomorrow. i don't think i could be more ready to have this baby. i can't eat....upset stomach........I can't sleep......cramping, hips, shoulders, belly,................and now i get these sharp pains in my side that knock me on my a**. i have literally tried everything except castor oil. i think if it comes down to it, i will take it, but i would like to know if anyone has any medical studies on it? just so i know for sure that its ok. this is my first child and i am petrified of doing the wrong thing. please help.


krista_09 - May 24

i guess i should have mentioned that im 2cm dialted.



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