Castor Oil

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krista_09 - May 24

i guess i should have mentioned that im 2cm dialted.


krista_09 - June 1

so i did it, i took castor oil!! fisrt of all, that was the grossest thing i have ever tasted in my entire life. i thought i was going to b__w chunks everywhere. after it was down, i did what some of you said to do and did some walking. a couple of hours later i for sure thought it wasn't going to work becasue i wasn't even cramping up. And i was right. no cramps, and no labor. the only thing it did to me was keep me in the bathroom......pain free. I am literally out of options. i have tried everything there is and my doctor still will not induce me until friday. to those of you who took it and it worked, congrats, but as for me i will never touch the stuff again.


aliciavr6 - June 5

I took one tablespoon and nothing happened.


Dawn - June 5

My sister is about to take the castor oil and her due date was yesterday. I have read pages and pages of information because I want her to be safe. I DO NOT recommend this to anyone who is not at their due date or past. Your baby needs to be fully developed and your body needs to be ready! Otherwise it will just send you and your baby on a rollercoaster of discomfort and unneccesary pain!


1stXMommy - June 7

I am 37 weeks 6 days I tried 2 table sppons of castor oil yesterday but threw it right back up. I walked the mall, played some basketball and me & did the deed it caused contractions for about 45min but they eased today I drank about 2-3 table spoons worth and am waiting nothing yet but ill keep you updated.


1stXMommy - June 8

So I drank about another oz or so of castor oil, ate some hot wings walked the mall and up & down stairs and did the deed again and I still have no bathroom issues, no vomitting and few contractions, so at this point i am just going to wait it out and see what happens. all I can do is hope it helped speed up the process even if it didnt put me into active labor...but I will keep you all updated!!


sicilianslicenc - June 17

hi! im new today! 38 weeks pregnant , scheduled for induction this week! I had my first child at 36 weeks, walked a few miles, ate a bag of oranges and 4am my water broke, by 8:02am my daughter was born no pain or complications-7 pushes that was my first! my 2nd I was huge and uncomfy so at 37 weeks I took a shot of 2tbsp of Castor Oil went to bed, woke up bleeding, freaked out went to the hospital and had my son later that night-a few pushes, no pain-etc...well I have made it to 38weeks- I have been 2cm-85% effaced for 5 weeks, docs didn't think i'd make it to 35 AND I am very uncomfortable, I have a thyroid problem that has sent me to the hospital several times with difficulty breathing (Heart racing from thryoid being elevated!) I generally have LOW thyroid (hypo) but preg puts you into a graves disease kind of state--anyhow, THE DOCS are going to induce me this week (Mond or Tuesday) so i thought I would give the whole Castor Oil a whirl again b/c I am tired of feeling c___ppy! BELIEVE ME, I have two active kids already and was not in any rush to rush my baby and being that im 38weeks I thought it can't hurt ! I read this forum just to be sure b/c the last time I did the castor oil I did not have the internet to research it! I would never harm my baby, but I really can't take the pain in my body and the thryoid going up and down! it's hard enough to breath when you have feet/uterus in your lungs, let alone having a thyroid storm attack (feels like a stroke or heart attack it's scarey as hell!) and worry about yourself AND the little life inside you. This is why they are inducing me now though-but I still figured I could have the baby over weekend while the hubby is off from work-I took 2tbsp yesterday at 730am--By 3pm that day I had a "complete OIL change" ha ha, but nothing else! I mean, the body feels better now that it's "cleared out completely :-)" b/c with low thyroid and pregnancy it's a double whammy if you will with constipation and that causes lots of discomfort when preg. so I feel better but NO baby...I will just have to wait till the docs do their thang! I know I feel like alot of you guys now "GOD, WILL I BE PREG. FOREVER! IT FEELS THAT WAY DOESN'T IT" BUT IT WILL BE OVER SOON-then we'll all be wishing the little stinker would sleep at 3am instead of want to eat :-) the first time I took the castor oil, I didn't even have to use the bathroom-and it put me right into labor, the 2nd time MAMMA MIA! LIKE I said, total oil change, I felt 5lbs lighter though so that was a nice break! This baby must not be ready, and we will never know the truth behind the Castor Oil Mystery b/c IM now living proof that it can and cannot work which makes it a hard choice to make! I would not go so far as taking ounces the first time though, lord knows 2tbsp is all it took for me completely "empty out" though I was tryin to figure out (it was 6 years ago my son was born) if I TOOK 2 ounces instead of two tablespoons..I really can't remember it may have been but I cert. didn't hit the bowl like I did this time around (ouchie-keep some vaseline and take a warm bath you know if the dairy-aire burns b/c it's likely!!!!) GOOD LUCK TO ALL GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR NEW BABIES!


Sarah - June 21

I'm 37 1/2 weeks and I took 2 oz. of castor oil last night at 10:30 pm with OJ, nothing happened except MAJOR diarrhea. It is now 8:06 am and no contractions.... just the last of diarrhea. If it works for some, you guys are lucky. For me, it was just a bad night. Wish you all Luck!


BiancaM - June 22

Hi! I don't know if it helps because I haven't used it but my pregnancy book has a castor oil recipe. 2 oz of castor oil mixed with 2 oz orange juice and 1 tsp baking soda, then repeat using half the amount 1 and 2 hours later. You can also use scrambled eggs... 2 oz castor oil in scrambled eggs; repeat 1 and 2 hours later using 1 oz castor oil. Good luck!!


Whitetigresspurr - July 8

I am 40 weeks, two nights ago i tried 2 TBS mixed with cherry pepsi, felt nothing for 3 hours, drank 2 more TBS (mixed) and within minutes was in the bathroom puking and gut rot direaha...finished that in like 20 minutes, came back out to a family gathering because i felt fine again. Thinking of trying it again tonight so honestly i didn't think it was that bad of an experiance, and i've felt as though my will be third child has dropped significatly and i have regular pelvic pressure. I see my Dr. Monday morning, and i'll know if what i feel is because i dilated more than last week. Was it the oil? Was it just time? Will i try again? =)~


elliotsmom - July 9

I took castor oil 9 days ago, when I was 37 weeks, 3cm and 75% effaced. I poured 2 oz into a chocolate milkshake so that it wouldnt seperate and managed to get most of it down by 1am and fell asleep. I woke up around 5:30 with some diarhea, but it wasnt like the bad crampy kind of diarhea. It continued until about 7am and I started having very mild contractions about every 5 minutes. they never really got worse but were consistant so my doctor told me to go on in around 9.. They kept me monitored for a couple hours and the contractions continued without getting worse.. since I was only 37 weeks they didnt want to induce so we just had to wait and see if the contractions were changing my cervix. the doctor came in a few hours later to check my cervix and I was up to 5cm 100% effaced and having really strong contractions. He decided I was good to stay and put in the epidural and broke my water. usually epidurals make contractions subside and they put you on pitocin but mine continued to get stronger because of the castor oil so i didnt need any pitocin (but i couldnt feel them, thank goodness). I took about a 2 hour nap as the contractions opened up my cervix to 10. The doctor woke me up at 8:19, when he was crowning, and I pushed once for 10 seconds and again for about 5 seconds and he was out! It was an extremely easy labor and he was perfectly healthy, 6lbs7oz. Also, this was my first pregnancy and I am extremely small.. but based on what i've read on here, castor oil works if your cervix are ready, no matter how far along you are..


everlasting - July 12

boy 2oz, man i took some today , but i could only get done liek 2 tablespoons, i harldy got that down, that studd is nasty, and to mix it with o.j, it didnt work, the oil just came to the top, i had to end up sipping it bit by bit, ha ha, man it was awful, but im due anyday now, so maybe it will help it along, tonight, hopefully


everlasting - July 13

well it another day, and no baby, im still having some cramping, got mild diarrhea last night, but nothgin major, and i have a appt this afternoon with my doc, so hoprfully she tell me somethign good


mandy121 - August 6

hi im 38 and half weeks and want to try castor oil , will it work and is it safe thanks


everlasting - August 6

hey Mandy121, well it works for some its safe its nothign but a laxative, it just causes cramping, to get the uterus to contract, and sometimes pushes it into labor


kmom07 - August 19

Its been about a week or 2 since the last post so I hope people still look on here. Anyways I had tried castor oil 2 times and it hasnt worked the first time I took it I took about 3 or 4 tbsp. and then I took it again using about 3 and 1/2 ounces mixed with oj as most of you have used with it. I was wondering to everyone who used it and it didnt work the first time, how many times did everyone try it I dont want to go overboard with it but I want my son out!!Im about 37 weeks and im not sure if I am dialated yet I have a doctor appointment comming up in tuesday so hopefully im atleast dialated 1cm.



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