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kmom07 - August 19

Its been about a week or 2 since the last post so I hope people still look on here. Anyways I had tried castor oil 2 times and it hasnt worked the first time I took it I took about 3 or 4 tbsp. and then I took it again using about 3 and 1/2 ounces mixed with oj as most of you have used with it. I was wondering to everyone who used it and it didnt work the first time, how many times did everyone try it I dont want to go overboard with it but I want my son out!!Im about 37 weeks and im not sure if I am dialated yet I have a doctor appointment comming up in tuesday so hopefully im atleast dialated 1cm.


Heather S - August 22

I just took 2 tablespoons of the castor oil and am washing it down with a coke and ice cream, wasn't too bad just the oil is really thick. I was having light contractions before I took the oil so we will see! I will update later, wish me luck!


jillalala - August 23

ok, here's what it does... The Castor Bean has some of the same chemical make of to the precurser in our bodies that help us secrete pitocin.... SO....if your body is ready, it will react to the castor oil, and help initiate the labor process... It is also a purgitive having laxitive effects,,....this tends to push things along as well.. The problem is, just like with induction of labor, if your body isn't ready, your won't react to it, and it may just make you miserable... I used it with my first...not once....but twice,, the whole 4 oz.. I am a former labor and delivery nurse, so as for what the nurses tell you, it isn't intirely true, you just have to be prepared for some major tukus discomfort from having constant runs!


ms4tunate - October 12

I am 34 weeks pregnant, waiting until I am 38 to try the castor oil. I did it with my 4th child back in 2000. I took the castor oil about 4 tbl spoons (a labor and delivery nurse gave me the idea) at 8 PM Valentines day and I had my bundle of Joy (thats her name Joy ) at 2 AM the 15th of February. SHe did go into distress while in labor and I had to deliver her at 6 cm but she is healthy now.


Megan - November 5

I just took 2 tbsp of castor oil at 7 pm and nothing happened. I mixed that with Root beer and it tasted disgusting. An hour later I took 2 more tbsp but I mixed it with egg nog, it actually tasted great lol but at about 1 am, I had slight bm but the cramps/ contractions were almost unbearable and I couldn't time them because they never stopped so now I am waiting up since I can't sleep to see what happens. I will try and keep you posted but I don't think it will work for me. I am due on the 11th so maybe I'll just wait it out. but have fun taking it it can get sore and messy lol.


Tawnie - November 8

I've tried it three times 36 weeks, 37 weeks, and 38 weeks. I'm now 38.5 weeks and just lost my mucous plug, I think I'm going to try again. The first times it made me poo a bit, and I had some good contractions for a few hours, but then it all quit. Good luck!


sezbi - November 8

you go into labor when you, and baby, are ready. it MAY coincide with taking disgusting castor oil, but it's not because of castor oil.


jg81580 - November 14

I took castor oil with my last pregnancy right around 39 weeks. I was not very effaced or dilated (1cm). It did nothing but clean me out. I took 2 oz mixed with a gla__s of ginger ale at 3pm today and at 7pm just had my first BM. Cleaned me right out but I've been having some cramping and contractions. We shall see if it works. I will try some more tomorrow if it doesn't....


sinead36weks - November 28

last nite i took caster oil i mixed 2 tbs with cola and couldnt drink it had a gulp but tha was it so i tho rite lets take 1 tbs on its own, wasnt to bad. any way tha was at 11.00, bou 1.30 i was up having mild contractions well thats what i remember them 2b. they wornt tha strong so didnt do any thing bou it. mind was up till gone 7 with it lol, but to the point, nuffins happened really and avnt even been 2 the toilet, hopefully avnt spoke 2 soon lol. any way will keep u all posted on whats happenin, if it doesent i might take another tbs 2nite.


Julie41 - October 17

I took castor oil at 40 weeks and one day. I was already 4 cm dialated, and have been for over a week, my cervix is also thinned out. The baby has been in the right position and ready to come out since two weeks before my due date. The castor oil still did not work for me, it just caused a whole lot of unpleasant nausea, accompanied by vomiting and diaherea. I would not recommend it, its very unpleasant to drink, it makes you feel awful, and from what I hear it doesn't often work. The baby will come when he/she is ready, I'm finally realizing that, just let it be, as hard as the wait may be.


ToniRDH - May 14

My midwife told me never to take it as it can cause the baby to have a bowel movement inside the womb, she did rec, applying it on the belly and cover with plastic wrap. I have taken it with my first and it did nothing.


Briie2009 - February 1

I am due in 8 days. I drank 2 tbs of castor oil in orange juice between 4pm and 5pm. I didnt start having the poo until 8:30pm. My Bowel movements havent been bad at all, I had two five minute sittings on the loo. I have had small pains and tightening in my uterus but nothing serious and my water did not break. How many more hours until I know that the castor oil didnt work for me? I've read about people drinking 2 tbs of castor oil at 8pm and then going into labor at 4am. So if i drank 2 tbs at 5pm I could possibly go into labor up intill when? 3am?? Thanks :)


jacky2805 - August 9

Hello, I am 38 + 6 weeks, and after reading all the posts on this website I decided to try the castor oil to see if it would help kick start my labour. I'm so impatient to meet my beautiful baby (boy?) and all of yesterday afternoon I was having frequent, slightly painful contractions. Well, my partner and I got so excited (of course) with this being our first child, and were extremely disappointed when they trailed off to nothingness by that night. So at about 2.30am this morning, I took 2 tbls of castor oil straight from the spoon and chased them with lemon fizzy drink. Then went to sleep. Woke up this morning, and nothing has happened!! No bowel movements, vomiting, or cramps! So at 3.45pm today I decided to take 3 tbls to see if this would kick start something. Has this happened to anyone else??


ashleydavis1989 - December 17

I am 36 weeks and 6 days now. I took 2 oz of castor oil last night (mixed with vanilla coke and couldn't taste anything) around 9:45pm. My back started hurting and I got a headache but that was it. I was up and down about three times last night going to the bathroom, but there was no nausea. I had some contractions, even now at 9:11am, but nothing serious or progressive. When I went to the doc yesterday he told me I was 1.5 cm dilated and effacing (although I don't know how much). With being dilated partially and at full term now, would it work if I tried it again?


chaylove89 - November 17

im 40 weeks today and i have no pain or nutin im only dialating 1cm so im going to try the castor oil and see what happens


queenbee2012 - January 7

28 weeks i want to try castol oil tonight any suggestions



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