CASTOR OIL HELP DID BUT DIDN T WORK And Now I Think My Water Is Leaking Help

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Missy - September 10

Well i am almost 39 weeks and I got desperate and took two tablespoons of castor oil about 3:30pm on Saturday, eeeewww that shit is very nasty, I could taste it and was burping it for the rest of the day, I had to lie down because it made me sick, I only went to the bathroom 3 times about 3-4 hrs later, but at about 7 that night I started having contractions, they were very consistent but not painful, so my sister came over and timed them for over an hour they were coming every 2 minutes.. So I finally laid down for bed and they started getting painful it was in my whole stomach and all of my back. I waited to go to the hospital for another hour just to be sure and they really started getting painful, so I told my husband I think it's time. We went to the hospital about 1 a.m they hooked me up and monitered me for an hour my cervix was a 1cm when I went in and an hour later it hadn't changed so they said they were going to send me home although I was having contractions every two minutes still and they were uncomfortable. The nurse said if it was real labor than your cervix would be dialating, I was so upset that they didn't keep me I really thought it was the real thing. But I stil have been having contractions but still no baby. I have been having alot more dicharge and am very wet down there, do ya'll think it's my water leaking??? or just nature?????


frances - August 31

well i've never heard of castor oil but i do know what labor feels like...if you were having contractions so close then they shouldn't have let you gone home...u should call up to the doctors and let them know that you are may be your water or it may just be alot of pressure on your bladder and urine is coming out...but i would call the doctor and let him/her know whats goin on...they should have you on a monitor...good luck!


Christine - August 31

Have you called your doctor and told them what you are experiencing? Latent labor sucks and can take a long time if it's your first baby. Call your doc and ask him to check you just to be on the safe side! Good Luck!


anonymous - August 31

I had this happen at 38 weeks, although I didn't take the oil. I was contracting the same amount of time, but was dialated to two and stayed there. I was really dehydrated by the time that they figured out that I was, so please have them to check and see if this could be it. If you're like me it's a relief to have labor to go or stop, but not linger in between. My contractions spaced out after they gave me some fluid, and I"m still waiting to deliver. Make sure that you check back with them if you feel like something isn't right... it took two trips and almost three days for me to get treated and I wouldn't recommend going through all of that unless it's going to be labor that produces a baby.


mokihana - September 10

ok... well I did the same thing with my second child. Taking the castor oil will not work correctly unless all the conditions are right, for example, your cervix must be ripe and ready to go, if not you "will" suffer with contractions for a significant amount of time until you start progressing with dialation. In my case my doctor decided to induce me because I was in so much pain with all the contractions, but time still lagged on, until he finally broke my water.... I learned my lesson.... but still be sure to let the doc know... and dont give up no matter what... be persistant with him.....


me - September 14

at 32 weeks i thought that i was leaking water come to find out i was leaking ambiotic fluid i had to stay in the hospital until i delivered her 4 days later



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