Castor Oil And Milkshake

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Ashlie - October 12

I just got home from the doctor, I am 37wks and only dialated to 1/2 - 1cm and the doc told me that if I would like I could go home and mix 1 tablespoon of castor oil in with a small milkshake and drink that, after explaining to me what it will do she also said if it works I would have a baby if it doesnt the worst thing that could happen is I would get diahria. Well I am about to try it so we will see if it works. P.s. one of the reasons she said it was okay to try and induce now is because my baby is on the larger side.


sian - October 12

goodluck and let me know if it works!iam 2 days away from 39 weeks and am tempted but dont want all the stomach pain if its not gonna i was worried bout diahria during labour.let me know!!


Ashlie - October 12

Sian - Well I mixed 1 tablespoon into a vanilla milkshake from McDonalds and drank it down before it melted, it actually wasnt bad. Then I went walking for about an hour, its now about 4hrs later and im starting to have contractions but we will have to see if its the real thing or not. I'll let you know!


sian - October 13

how exciting!!hopefully it all works-if it does i may get brave and give it a try too!!be sure to let me know!goodluck.


sian - October 13

oh,by the way can you taste the castor oil in the milkshake at all??


Jessie - October 13

I'll have to try the milkshake one. I tried mixing it with oj and it was so thick it made me gag. I did drink it all though. My Dr said it wasn't enough to put me into active labor though. I was in false labor for about 6 hours. i had to spend the night in the hospital and was sent home with no baby. My suggestion is using about 2 oz. Thats what my dr told me. Im going to try again, although not today my sons birthday is tomarrow!!! Good Luck Ashlie, Let me know how it worked for you!!


Ashlie - October 13

Well it wasnt enough to put me into full labor, I dont know if I am going to try anymore cuz right now I am okay with being prego for a little while longer, I think I couldve went into full labor if I wouldve kept walking, but I stopped walking and laid down cuz I was tired and the contractions eventually went away, I didnt get the poops though which was a good thing. Sian - I could barely taste the oil in the milk shake, I would try a flavored milkshake and make sure you drink it while it is frozen and think. Jessie - My sons birthday is also tomorrow :) how exciting, how old is your little guy going to be?? p.s another thing I am only dialated to 1/2-1cm so that could be another reason it didnt work, my doc just wanted me to try cuz I have a very stubborn cervix and wants to save me from having to use pitocin again. Good luck ladies!


Jessie - October 15

Ashlie my son turned two yesterday how old is yours?


sian - October 18

well, i am due in 3 days!i think that maybe i will go home and try it!i have been aching so badly the last week or so.also, do you know if using it more than once can be harmful?



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