Castrol Oil

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Kimberly - January 26

Just wanted to let everyone know that I tried castrol oil this weekend & it worked. I was 39weeks & had been 3 cm & 50% for 2 weeks( So I was "ready" anyways). I took 2 Tablespoons mixed with root beer at 1:00 pm. I strated having mild random contractions about an hour later. Around 3:00 the bathroom called, (nothing horrible) By 6:00 the contractions started coming 5-7 mins apart, I took a bath, then laid down, then sat up, ( 3-5 mins apart...) then I walked around, made the bed, straightened things up ( cause ya know how they go away when ya change what you're doing if it's not "real") They kept coming & getting stronger. We called the baby sitter & got to the hospitle at 7:45, I was 5 cm& 80 %!!! I had her 12 hours later at 7:39 in the morning! So it worked for me this time. ***A word of caution though. I also tried it with my last baby. I was 38 weeks & not dialted at all. All I got was massive cramps & the runs. I wouldn't suggest wasting your time if you're not really ready.


Christine - January 27



dawn - January 28

careful in your recommendation... CASTOR oil is a vegetable oil. Castrol oil is a motor oil(very dangerous)


Danielle - January 31

oh geez, that scared me, I thought Kimberly meant Castrol oil like..the motor oil, then dawn did that post and pointed out that she meant castor. That scared me, I was like "what is she doing?! Castrol oil?!!!" lol but it's all good now. Thanks for the advice, I'd never even heard of that before.


KM - January 31

do some research on castor oil. it is VERY dangerous. It is typically used as a laxative, and can have the same effect ont he baby,causing him/her to have a bowel movement inside of you, which if the oil does not lead to labour, can cause infection and is very serious. It isnt recommended .However, some birthing centers will use it as a type of more natural induction ,before resorting to drugs,but only supervised.Why put your baby at risk?? the doctor is going to induce you anyway if you go far enough past your date.


natalie - February 1

dont do it, it is not safe you are only getting bowl contractions which can be very harmful to you and baby(your bowl or babys can rupture) try hot baths, s_x and long works it is much safer, why put yourself and baby at risk. (m/wife)


tasha - February 24

well someone told me abot it too just last night.and i have been thinking about it but i also was thinking is it god's way of thing's.



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