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SamiB - June 9

This may be a stupid question, but Do they always use a catheter during labor? Even dumber, how exactly do they work?


Been There - June 9

No, they don't always use a catheter during labor. They will let you use the bedpan. If you can't go, then they will use a catheter to help you out because you shouldn't suffer holding fluid in your bladder that long. They stick the catheter into your urethra to release the fluid like a siphon.


soimpatient - June 9

Does it hurt?


numba1cutie6t9 - June 9

pretty much the only reason why u wouldnt be able to go by urself is bc u had pain meds or an epidural..and when u have those u wont feel a thing..i was worried about it also but then i had to get drained a few times..labor is really not as scary as u think. Itll be fine


pbj - June 9

I don't believe they use one with natural labor as you can go on your own. It is mainly used during epidural or other pain meds that make you incapable of #1 feeling the urge to urinate #2 you can't walk when you get an epidural. If you do get an epidural you won't even feel then insert it since they do it after it has been administered. As far as how it works: it's a tube that is inserted into urethra that continually drains your bladder. It's not a stupid question, if you've never had a reason to get one, there's no reason you should know. Good luck


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 10

I went into labor on my own and they used a catheter on me as soon as I got there so they could get a clean urine sample. It did hurt, and burned really bad.


Athom - June 11

I had natural labor and didnt have a catheter.... but I have been in and out of the hospital with this preg. and had to have a catheter once... it was a little uncomfortable... but I wouldnt say it hurt... esp. compaired to labor and all.


2StarsOnMyBack - June 22

I had one put, and also an epidural. it didnt hurt putting it in or taking it out, only felt pain when i stepped on the hose... ouch. it was also sort of embarrasing when the nurses had to empty it. i was comfortable, you dont have to worry about getting up to pee with all that pain going on on your bottom.


krista-lee - June 24

they put a catherter in me when i asked for the epidural, then they ended up not giving it to me. i didnt find it hurt, and it was VERY helpful after the birth, i really wanted to pee but it was to hard to get up and go


Patti - June 24

It's my understanding that you only get a catheter if you have an epidural. Obviously because you can't control your bladder if you're numb. However, different hospitals and areas may do things differently. If you don't have an epidural and don't want a catheter, make sure to tell them.


Bonnie - June 24

it was the one thing I was really afraid of getting, but I knew I would have to get one as I wanted an epidural. But the thought of a tube up my crotch with a bag of pee hanging off the side seemed less than a pleasent idea! lol...............For me, they gave me the epidural first and then gave me the catheter so I felt nothing.....and let me tell you, I did NOT want them to take that away!! rofl....If I could have kept that sucker in forever I would have! You don't notice it once it is on and OMG what a freakin GODSEND!........You know how right now you have to pee about every 2 minutes? And then when you do go pee it still feels like you have to go? You know how you wake up about every hour in the middle of the night needing to pee???....GONE! Let me tell you, after 9 months of pregnancy, a catheter was pure bliss for me!


littlemama1022 - June 27

I had an epiduryl with my first daughter, and they gave me no catheter. They put very thick pads under me and changed them every once in a while. This time around, if they say they are going to give me one I will REFUSE. I had one due to another illness and it HURT like no other!! They can't make you get one, but I will not let them put one in me even if I can't feel it.


Bonnie - June 28

If they give you the epi first you won't feel it.


piratesmermaid - June 29

I don't want a catheter either, in fact, that's one of the reasons I'm going to hold out on an epidural, I just don't want tubes coming out of my crotch and to be hooked up to every bleeding monitor they have. I'll have my husband drag me to the bathroom before I let them put a catheter in!!


Bonnie - June 29

I tell you, after 9 months of peeing every 5 seconds....I never wanted them tot ake it back out! lol


bbelmore - June 30

I didn't have a catheter until I was pushing him out, and only because his heart rate kept dropping and they thoughtmaybe if they emptied my bladder there might be more room. It hurt worse than pushing him out, and i've had urinary tract infection-like pains ever since, but no urinary tract infection. I could've gotten up and gone to the bathroom, I had a walking epidural.


starr - July 4

I had an epidural but I was able to sense when I had to use the BR so they just gave me a bedpan.They only put the catheter in long enough to drain my bladder one last time b/c my bladder was full and the nurse said that an empty bladder may give the baby more room.She was right.After they drained my bladder my labor progressed and the catheter was only in for about 2 mins.Of course it wasn't that bad b/c I couldn't really feel it but without the epi they are pretty uncomfortable.



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