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Carey - January 17

I know a lot of women go to a regular appointment, and find out they are dialated to some extent - but that you can stay at that point for a long time, but can you ever just 'suddenly' dialate? I ask, because I am 38 weeks, and I get so frustrated when I go to the dr. and he says, 'nope, nothing!' - I'm just wondering if I'm going to be like a month overdue or something.


LRK - January 17

I am in the same boat. My appointment at 36 weeks showed nothing. So now, at 37 and 38 weeks, I ask them not to check--easier than getting frustrated I think. You could also be 2 cm and be stuck there for weeks. Who knows, you and I might both go 0-6 within 24 hours in the next week! Good luck!


Yes you can - January 17

you can go suddenly...also your cervix can shorten very fast as well


Carey - January 17

Ok my hope is restored!! LRK, oh how I wish it would be within the next week - I don't see it happening. I'm fine with being right on time (well, I accept it) but I think if I was one of those women that went like two weeks over I would just die.


ERika - January 19

Dialating before labor, can sometimes mean nothing. All you get is a better chance for infection.Trust me I know


agtemt - January 19

with both of my pregnancies i was 0cm untill i actually went into labor. and only effaced a little.I didnt even know that you could dialate before you actually ent into labor.


Michi - January 19

I'm 37.5 and i'm very frustated too because today was my appointmentand nothing yet.I really have no problem waiting until my due date but I just don't want to pa__s it. I don't even feel contractions. O well let's see what happen.


MichelleB - January 21

I was 0 cm, 0% effaced on day, next day baby was born! It can move quickly.


mom - January 26

I had so many false alarm. One time I thought my water broke because I had some leaking so I rushed to the hospital and everybody was telling me not to worry because I was due end of February and they did some test and they found out I was 1 cm dialated. Well, maybe I gave them wrong date of my last mentrual period because I honestly dont keep track. But its been 2 and a half weeks since I was checked my ob gyn dont check me, he thinks im really due near enf of february and he told me it doesnt matter because I could be 1 cm dialated for a month. But I think I know what Im feeling and the people in the hospital said it would be an early labor.. I still dont know how many centimeter dialated i am but yea... it does take a long time but once you reached 4 cm you will dilate within hours. GOODLUCK!


KrisD - January 26

Oh ya!!! One day I went to the hospital thinking my water broke... and NO dilation (my water hadn't broken, either) and the next day I was having a baby.... I think I got to the hospital and I was already 4 cm! So you NEVER know!


Carey - January 26

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who wasn't exactly sure of my last period. I know you should keep track of it, but I just never have. What's worse, is that I'm fairly irregular, so when they asked I really had to guess. I have made a promise to myself to be better about it once I get my period back.


Julie - February 4

My 1st I was not dialated then went into labor and had her 12 hours later. This pregnancy on the other hand, I've been dialated 2 centemeters for three weeks and now 1 week over-due. Being induced in 2 days!


minna_k04 - February 5

Dialation can occur over 3 months or 3 hrs. It's all up to your body. But dialation does not give you any greater risk for infection unless your water has broke or is leaking.


Ash - February 21

I know about being dialated for 3 months. With both of mine I dialated to 1cm at 27 weeks (pretty scarry). With the first I had no change until 35-36 weeks and dialated to 2cm and my son was born the next day. With the 2nd I dialated to 1 at 27wks and went to 3cm at 33weeks plus 60% effaced. I am 35 weeks and 2 days and have an appt. today so we'll see, but as of last week there was no change.


Mem - March 2

I know im 39 wks and a day and i went to the doctor yesterday and she said i was 1cm and 60% thinned out and if i didn't deliver in a week she was goin to induce my labor! Im so HAPPY! GOOD LUCK u cant be pragnant 4 ever!


Danielleb - March 2

I'm 39weeks an 3day's, I've been dialated 2cm for 3 weeks now. Had a membrane sweep done last week an still nothing. Wanting to try castor oil but still kind of nervous.


nblanton - March 3

Don't try the castor oil. s_x is one of the safest ways. I don't know much but I do know that I am 39 weeks and 1 day and dialated only 1cm. I want him out so bad but I'm scared of the pain. Does anyone know how long you have to overdue in order for the doctor to induce you. help!



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