Cervic S Still Up High

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logansmom - February 16

I have been feeling sick and been sick to my stomach the past few days so yesterday my doctor had me go to the hospital and get checked out. When the doctor checked me she said that my cervic's were still up real high so she could barely get to them. They had me hooked up to the machine for contractions and i was having the real strong one's about every 10 min. but I was not feeling them, I just felt alot of pressure in my back. What I am wanting to know is how to get your cervic's to move down and start dilating? If I walk alot does this help at all? Today I am starting to feel the contractions but I am wanting them to get real strong so that they will get my cervics to open up. Does anyone have any advice?


Tammy276 - February 16

Really, there is nothing you can do. Your cervix will move down and start to dilate on its own, when it is ready. There is nothing you can do to make it dilate. You can try walking and having s_x to help things along but its not guarenteed.


moescrilla - February 19

I was at a 9 and my cervix was STILL up high. So I dont know what you can do. If it doesnt want to come down, theres probably not much you can do. Walking sound good, but as tammy said its not guaranteed


jennylane1965 - February 23

same situation...ive heard squatting helps.


Cevvin - March 3

Walk, not only will that help the baby move into your pelvis (of course slow, dont expect much) but it will help get those contractions going.


maureenb29 - March 4

Kind of the same thing... Lost my mucus plug at 36 weeks exactly. I am 37 weeks today. I have had a lot of lower pain sorta (really just uncomfortable), & I guess slight contractions. I went to my doctor last week- 36 weeks and he said I was already dialiated a 3 but "high up". I am carrying high. I have tried s_x, spicy food, walking, going down bumpy roads in a bouncy car, using clary sage oil & almond oil mixed as a lotion on feet & arms, tried taking the evening primrose oil, warm bath, we have tried everything we read except castor oil because I don't think I can stomach that. I have been very sick, some pain in the back and just a lot of low pressure but nothing that is hurting really- just uncomfortable. Does anyone have any other suggestions?? I am already dialiating and not sure how much now... As I was a 3 last Thursday (March 1). Any clue on how long this is going to take? lol... I am so READY!!!


Tammy276 - March 4

maureen, you could stay at 3 for a while and no matter what you try, it won't work unless your body and baby are ready.... I have been 3cm since 34 weeks, I am 37 weeks now. When I had my son, I was 3 cm for 3 weeks.


logansmom - March 4

Maureenb I have tried everything that you have tried and none of it worked. I also tried Castor Oil too and the first time it made me have contractions and I went to the hospital, they were 3 min. apart but i wasn't dilating. I am going to be induced on Thursday morning if I do not have him by then.



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