Cervidil And Inducing

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mejjohnson - June 1

Has anyone here had their labor induced by Cervidil and actually have it work in under 12 hours? I am getting the insert tonight and if that doesn't work they will be using Pitocin Friday, but the doctor said that sometimes the Cervidil will actually start labor, so I was just curious if any of you had it work?


Been There - June 1

Well, I had a Cervidil with my second child after being 9 days late. It took about 17 hours (around 7:30 the next morning) for it to start contractions. They still gave me Pitocin to try to help intensify what the contractions were actually doing. They were hurting, but not really progressing very well. Luckily they progressed to 4 cm so I could get an epidural. Unfortunately, it didn't matter in my case because the cervix never effaced, so I had a c-section. However, I have read about other women who have had the Cervidil and did deliver v____ally. I think it just depends on how ready your body is and how it reacts to the medication.


krista-lee - June 1

Mej congrats!! you finally get to see your baby soon!! my friend who had her baby last month used it, it didnt work for her, they ended up giving her pitocin, thats probably not what you wanna hear.


momma3 - June 7

I had my labor induced my cervidil. It worked alot easier than the iv type. My babies tend to come late, so the last 2 were induced. The one with cervidil was alot easier on my body. The put it in around 10pm, and the baby was born at 6am. She had not dropped at all, so I did not expect it to work that quick.


Athom - June 7

I was induced with cervidil, (1 wk early and 1st baby ) gave me contractions but no progress... then they gave me a second dose and still nothing, contractions came too close so they had to clean it out (sorry tmi) and they gave me pitocin after that... still took a while with pitocin. I think I had so much trouble because it was my first and I was early. Congrats on getting to see your baby soon!


mary mb - June 20

i had cervidil with my last child i think it worked great it took about 5 hours before i was dilated to a 7 my contractions started to get bad about 2 or 3 hours later but nit is very uncomftable u cant move for a couple of hours then u can just to use the bathroom but it was really odd i also had the drip it was slower i think and more painful best of luck



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