Cervix Self Check For Dilation Effacement

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Aracely - August 2

Does anyone know how to check for dilation or effacement? I am 39 weeks and want to know if anyone has self checked for these things, and how to know if you're dilated or not?


hr - August 2

I think it is very hard to do, I've read some other posts on this and tried their suggestions, but I just dont seem to know what im looking for and/or dont have long enough fingers.


CH - August 2

It depends on how far up your cervix is. I am 37 weeks right now and I have been able to reach my cervix ever since my baby dropped (about two weeks). To describe it, it feels kind of like a donut with a hole in the middle, that is if you are soft and dilating. When you efface, it will get thinner and when you dilate the hole in the middle will get bigger. I find it easiest to reach it when I am leaning back with my knees open and as close to my chest as possible. Just remember, this can be dangerous. Make sure you have cleansed your hands well and wear gloves to protect you and your baby from infections. Good Luck.


Marie - August 6

It's easier if you have your husband/mate do it for you. If you've already been checked alot, you know about how far in he should go before he feels it. but be sure to be very gentle because you don't want him to break the bag of waters... That would surely send you to the hospital for fear of infection.


baby.ksh49.com - August 6

Not sure exactly how to check on the effacement -- but as far as dilation, just feel for the "hole in the donut" as CH said. make sure you have clean hands and no fingernails. The cervix should be towards the back (or bottom if you're sitting) If you can't reach it then chances are it's to early to even check. Somewhere around here is a post that says not a question just some info (or something like that - -i think it's in 3rd trimester) They have some info on how to tell how dilated you are. I.E. if it's as small as a cheerio it's about 1 cm, bagel size is 10cm.


RS - August 8

I am 38 weeks and my doctor checked at my appointment this week and said that I was 80% effaced. I don't think you are suppose to be checking for yourself, but you should definetly ask your doctor or midwife to check at your next meeting. Although I am 80% effaced the doctor said there is only a 50% chance I will have the baby in the next week. Now it has been 4 days since I received this news and nothing has happened, so it might not be worth it to find out, because it doesn't mean you will go into labor anytime soon. Most books say you could go 3 weeks more without going into labor after you have become effaced or started dilating.


Aracely - August 8

Thanks for all your replies.I haven't checked just to be safe.But when I went to the doctor they checked me and said nothing to me.They seem like they don't want to tell me.They said not to worry and that when it was time I would know.That was it.I am due Aug.9 and it is now the 8th, I had some irregular pains this morning for an hour and then fell asleep and nothing!


audrey - August 8

hey pregoes!! Im 37 weeks myself and im sick of being pregnate already, i read up on a midwives page the rasberry leaf tea helps smooth out the cervix, i just started drinking it today its kinda working i feel my abdomen tightening on and off for about 2 hours from the time i drank it so i hope it works ( ill be back.)


Amy - August 8

Just remember, it is YOUR body. And years ago woman had no one else to check them. This is my third child and I finally decided to see what the doctors see. It gives you and you spouse power to KNOW yourself and feel like you are a part of it. The other woman who answered you gave great advice. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN hands, and yes clip those nails. But enjoy knowing yourself, (because someday a self check make make the difference between catching cevical cancer in time or not as well).


questioner - August 20

I did a self check and my cervix seems to be about two fingers open. I could feel the babies head. Is that what I should be feeling?


karahkwentha - February 21

Im 34 weeks and 2 1/2cm dialated and I've been doing regular self checks. I feel the same thing, I thought it was the baby's head but it turns out thats how hard your cervix is, its still not "ripe" if it feels hard. but if your getting small conractions or your belly keeps getting tight then thats your body going through the "ripening phase"


brittanydunaway - February 19

I am 34 weeks and have had two previous pregnancies in which i delivered early. how can i tell if i am dilating?



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