Clueless About Delivery

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dani. - June 15

I am 18 weeks with my first child, and Ive never been around anyone who was pregnant before, I was told I probably would not be able to concive, so I really know nothing about all this. I have read up on pregnancy and researched on line a lot. When it comes to delivery, ive seen vidios, but they stop imediatly after the child is born, and the books dont talk much about anything after that ether. So what about the placenta comming out, and what else happens imediatly after the actual birth? Does the pain just stop when the baby is born?


mjvdec01 - June 15

Pretty much after the baby comes out, all that is left is for you to deliver the placenta. I didn't notice that part at all with my first. After the baby is delivered though, the pain just stops. Once the placenta is delivered, your OB will suture any tears or cuts that were made, (at some point during all of this they will hand the baby to you), They will clean you up a bit, unhook you from the IV, and ask you to try and pee. Then, depending on the hospital, they will either help you back in to bed or transfer you to a post partum room. There will be nurses coming in and out of your room to check your bleeding and apply ice packs to your crotch and help you with b___stfeeding. You will also at some point have a visit from the on staff pediatrician to check the baby again and answer any questions. I would recommend having a list of possible questions ready so you don't forget anything, although you will probably have two visits, so if you forget something you will have another chance to ask. If you need a break at some time the nurses are great and will take the baby for you for about 2-3 hours so you can get some rest. You can call them to the room at any time for anything, so don't hesitate to push that call b___ton. You also need to make sure you have your car seat base installed properly before you leave for the hospital. It is recommended that you install it a few weeks before your due date. I always install mine at about 35 weeks. The day you go home the nurses like for you to bring the carseat in so they can show you how to properly adjust the straps and remove any unnecessary padding that was intended for premies- which all carseats come with. The nurse will accompany you to your car and make sure you have the seat securely latched in to the base and that the base is tight enough. I would recommend getting a 'carseat leveler' before installing the base. You can get them at Babies"R"Us for about $10. As for you, you will be sore, that is a given. How much will depend on if you tore or not and how badly. You will bleed for anywhere from 1-6 weeks typically and by the end of 6 weeks should be feeling pretty good. It took me 6 weeks to heal form two 2nd degree tears. However, if you end up with a c-section it could be a bit longer. Does this help??


mjvdec01 - June 15

Jenny McCarthy has written some pretty funny, but truthful books about pregnancy, birth, and raising kids that I enjoyed. You can find them online I am sure and at your local bookstore.


mama4andmore - June 15

I think it is different for everyone. Some hospitals don't do car seat checks they just like to see you have them. My first I was wheeled out. My 2nd 3rd and 4th I walked my self out. I healed really quick with all my children. The pain kind of stops after the baby is out. I expected the placenta to hurt like the baby with first one and was scared to push it out. But it doesnt all my births were natural and so i could feel down there. It feels odd. Like you can feel it slip out but no pain. The part that hurt for me after birth was when they push on your uterus to make sure it is shrining back to size. That hurt. But there is a lot of movement with nurses and such. I found it hard to rest in the hospital.


dani. - June 16

well that really helps. Doesnt sound very glamorous, but not as bad as I had thought ether. Thank you for your help!


BiancaM - June 17

Hey Dani. When I had my son I had an epidural so I was numb for a while after. But I had a small tear and it was sore but they gave me numbing spray to spray down there, and they usually give you a water bottle to squirt when you go pee. The nurses didn't take my son anywhere. I guess at the hospital where I delivered they require the mom to room with the infant. I didn't get ANY rest. The nurses and doctors and residents came in about every 1-2 hours to check me and the baby so that kind of sucked. I had to stay at the hospital for 48 hours, again hospital policy when you're a first time mom. When I left I was so excited to get out that we went to the park and walked around. I took it easy though for the most part. Oh and if your in pain they have stuff for you, you just have to ask. And you'll probably get a lactation consultant and they are a lifesaver if you are planning on b___stfeeding. She helped me to position my son so it wouldn't hurt to nurse him. Good luck.


alirenee86 - June 25

Right after the baby came out, I felt like I was done. Like that was it, all that hard work, he was out, healthy and alert. Nope, the placenta came out, felt like the dr. just gently pushed on my belly and it came out. No biggie. What drove me up a wall, was that I needed a single st_tch, and after just going through all that, the last thing I wanted was to lay there with my legs apart while the dr. st_tched me up and poked me with needles to numb the area. Felt super annoying, but that was it. The next day and for the next 10 days, the 2 things that stick out that were worse than anything I experienced during the whole pregnancy AND labor, was my b___bs hurt like ther was no tomorrow(I did not b___stfeed and had to wear a tight bra to stop the milk from coming in), that was a real b*tch, and it stung to high heavens when I had to pee. I mean stung really really bad. Just didn't expect either of those things as I never read or heard about it. Not everyone has the stinging from what I understantd, but just in case, stock up on witch hazel pads, they saved me during that time.



for me... lets see they cut madisons cord. got her weighed did the apgar test and all that cleaned her up. then my doc delivered the placenta. i think that was worse then delivering the child. then we tried to feed madison some water but she wudnt take it so we gave her formula right away. then they helped me up cause i had the epi and still felt it. i got to shower and when i was done i went into my room where i stayed. ha not complicated but yeah jenny mccarthy has really good books they are truthful. she talks about things that are way embara__sing. things that others are afraid to admit read them lol



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