Contraction Question

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Mari - December 27

how do u know if ur going into labor or even having contractions? i am pregnant with my first so i really dont know how it feels to have contractions, i mean ive heard how it might feel, like right now im 38 weeks and for a couple of days ive had a dull pain in my lower back and my stomach hurts like all around but not a lot. i really dont know how to explain its like a hunger pain but i cant be hungry cuz ive just ate or something. anyways also i get these light mentrual cramps like i use to when i use to have my period,,, what could this be?


salie - December 27

Mari, real contractions feel like a really tight squezzing in your abdomen. the way you will know if you are in labor is if you are dilating. well feel free to email me at [email protected] good luck


b - December 27

One way to determine between true labor and false labor is to time your contractions. I know it is hard to determine if you are having contractions since you have never had them before. You will feel a tightening in your lower abdomen. It starts off like a strong cramp. If they continue every 5 mins for a good hour you may want go to labor and delivery,. One rule of thumb is.... If you have to stop and breathe through your contraction and they are lasting every 5 mins you are most likely in early labor. remember if you are leaking fluid or bleeding you should go to the hospital. If you are having irregular contractions, Contraction that are every five minutes for 30 mins and then space out and stop and retart aagain. Take a warm shower and try to relax. Remember it is easier to labor at home than in a bed hooked up to a monitor. With your first baby your labor will be longer. you can take days to weeks to dilate to 3-4 cm. Once in active labor you usually dilate 1-1.5 cm a hour. So good luck.


kate - January 11

I think i am pregnant and dont really kno if i am but how how do u kno if u are and wha are the fatle signs?


salie - January 11

Mari, did you have your baby? did you ever start getting contractions? well good luck on everything. Are you going to have a homebirth, birth center birth or a hospital birth? good luck



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