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jenna32 - February 21

during your labor did anybody not really feel them? none of the nurses really believed me when i said i wasn't feeling them! just wondering if im the only one.By the next morning when i had to go back into the hospital after being induced i was 5 cm and still hadn't been feeling them.once they gave me that stuff oxywhatever it was to regulate contractions i felt them a bit more sometimes but thats about it. Once they broke my water, thats when i actually really started to feel the pain!!


midwestmom - February 21

That is eactly how it was for me with my first born. I felt silly going into the hospital when I wasn't feeling any pain, but I could just feel the tightening every 2-3 minutes. I did not feel anything until I was 5 cm and my water had been broken for an hour. I was so fearful that I would not make it to the hospital in time with my second when I can feel the pain at first. Luckily my water broke, so I knew when to go in. I am due anytime now with my third. Again I am hoping to make it to the hospital in time.


jenna32 - February 21

so glad i'm not alone there. the night before i was debating,should i go or what? Then the doctors like omg you're 5 cm you're having the baby. i was 7 cm when they broke my water themselves,but as soon as they did i felt the pain. it took you a hour after it had been broken or when it broke?


cher_don - February 28

hi everyone im currently 36 weeks with my 4th baby and can honestly say that im very jealous!!!!!!!!!!with my other 3 i had strong pain from 1st contraction getting worse till i gave birth. fingers crossed i get it bit easier this time :-) xx


iemc19 - February 28

With all 4 of mine I never 'felt' the contractions - not on the scale that I was meant to according to my m/wife....Sometimes I felt nothing and other times I felt it but it was really m/wife would be feeling them with her hand and saying 'THAT must be hurting you?' Nope... This last time I knew it was happening but still didn't have the pain that soo many others have...we are truly the lucky few!!!


iemc19 - February 28

Oh - I had to be induced with my first 3 - thats why the m/wife could comment...with my 4th...I finally went myself and stayed at home until my waters broke and then I knew I had to move quick - my los are always born within an hour of my waters breaking...


jenna32 - March 9

iemc, that's exactly what happened to me. they kept feeling and saying if i felt anything i'm like nope,they were there all day trying to "regulate" my contractions. I don't think they understood the machine or whatever either because they kept asking me all day. I wonder if being induced was a part of it. i decided next time i'll wait for the baby to come on it's own as long as they do that stress test and everything is ok, the baby is probably fine in there!



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