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julie - August 25

I'm 34 weeks and having a lot of cramping both frontal & backache type. I also feel pelvic pressue and my baby dropped early this week. I can feel a lot of things in my stomach, but I feel like I'm having trouble discerning fetal movements from my stomach tightening from contractions. Anybody have any tips so I KNOW what contractions are?? I'm afraid I'll go into labor and not know it until I'm in 2nd or 3rd stage!


Tree - August 6

I would suggest calling your Doctor & telling him/her what you just posted. 34 weeks is to early to deliver! In the mean time here are some things to watch out for- creamy/ blood tinged distcharge, (mucous plug) diarhea, leaking liquid from the v____a ( could be a sign of leaky water bag) Have you tried timing the cramps / & back aches to see if they could be contractions? Good luck....I hope this helps.


julie - August 12

thanks for the advice. I did call the dr. and they didn't seem too concerned. The sent me for a urine test and came back I had a bladder infection! I thought I would've known!! They did schedule an u.s. for the 17th for an estimated weight.


deana - August 25

you will know when you are in labor--i was in labor for 19 hours-the first 9 were not bad-the contractions were strong, but not painful, just a lot of pressure and noticeable contractions. The next 3 hours of labor were very painful, because the doctor broke my water and that makes the contractions deeper and painful--i then got my epidural and it was all good after that.-the best way that i can describe to you what a contraction feels like is, a charlie-horse in your abdomen-you know how your leg will get a charlie horse and contract really hard, that is exactly how it is--your muscles will contract really easy, then get harder and harder and the finally release



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