Contractions Yes Or No

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Kristina - May 4

I am over due now and yesterday I was in the bath and I started to get pains in my lower stomach. It felt like I could feel them down through my va___a. They were not very painful, but as soon as I stood up and got out of the bath the pain got bad. I didnt think they were contractions and I havent had any braxton hicks before. The pains lasted about 5-10 seconds and I got them speratically for about an hour. What could those have been? It felt more like my muscles were stretching out or something, but it hurt really bad.


Maleficent - May 4

the trick i learned for contractions is this.... feel your nose, your chin and your forhead. a mild contraction will feel like your nose, hard, but still a little squishy. a moderate contraction will feel like your chin. still a bit squishy, but defiantly harder. the *real deal* contractions will feel like your forhead. the muscles get THAT tight. call the doctor if you notice the contractions getting harder. and definatly call when they start to become regular and closer together. good luck! hopefully your wait is almost over.


kristina - May 4

Thanks! Thats a good method, but where in your stomoch will it get hard, low or high?


Kristina - May 4 seems like sometimes my stomach is really tight for no apparent reason and sometimes I think my muscles are tightening, but then at the same time it just feels like the baby is moving. I think I am over a___lysing because I am overdue and I am eager to have him and unfortunatly I dont think he wants to come out.


Maleficent - May 4

when it's real you'll be hard all over. the tightening your feeling may very likely be contractions. i've been having them a few times a day for the past week and i'm only 22 weeks. it's not anything to be worried about. my first baby was a week overdue, the waiting is hard, but try to make the most of each day. take some time for yourself. once baby comes your entire universe changes.


Kristina - May 5

I wish I could just enjoy this time, but unfortuantly I am in the military and still have to go to work. Its hard getting up everyday and wearing this uniform. All I do is sleep, eat, and go to work. I would take time off, but I want to save it for when the baby comes. But I will try and enjoy my time before my life changes forever.



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