Cost Of Delivering A Baby

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sugs - February 16

This may seem like a silly question, but I've been looking everywhere, with my health plan and on the web, to find out what it usually costs to deliver a baby? My insurance will make me pay 20%, but it is hard to know what 20% is when you don't know what the hospital bill will be. Anybody have any good insights?


missycc4 - February 16

you could talk to the hospital billing department. They should beable to give you an idea of what the cost is. You have the hospital part of the bill then you have your Dr. part of the bill. Thats where I would start. I do believe about $5000.00 to have a baby.


averysmom - February 16

My husband and I have Blue Cross insurance and you have to be signed up for the maternity benefit 10 months in advance before you get pregnant or they won't cover it so we are having to pay. Our doctor was around 2000.00 and the hospital is going to be around 4500.00..hope this helps..


xoxticiaxox - February 16

OMGGGGGG You ladies need to move to canada! If I had to pay that much I would NOT be having a baby! And if so I would be having her at! Bush sure knows how to screw you over!


sugs - February 16

Thanks for your experiences. I was guessing with my deductible, it will cost me around $4k-$5k all in all. All the doctor visits and prenatal care are 100% covered, so at least that is one good thing. I will call the insurance company just to make sure I don't have to enroll in the maternity benefit separately. I think it's all in one, but I better find out! Did you save money for the birth knowing it would cost so much? I just want to be as well prepared as I can be. What does it cost in Canada to have a baby? I wish we could blame bush, but I don't think he's the problem... in this instance anyway ;)


averysmom - February 16

yeah we saved like 30% for not having maternity coverage


spamanda - February 16

A friend of mine just had a c-section and she showed me the insurance bill... her insurance will cover it, but they send it out so you see what's getting paid. Anyways, her c-section cost about $16,000 I believe. Wow. Thank goodness my insurance is good, too!


xoxticiaxox - February 16

All health care in canada is free...the only thing we have to pay for is circ_mcision if its a boy and thats only 200 dollars. I would be in sooo much debt if I was in the states....Thank goodness for free health care!


sahmof3 - February 17

EACH of my c-sections were b/w $12-17,000. We have insurance, though, so we only paid a few hundred out of pocket each time. Course, if you count what we pay for health insurance we paid throught the nose lol. The $12,000 figure is low for a c-section in our area, but that's b/c it was almost 7 years ago.


Marlyn - February 18

I don't know how you ladies do it...I mean it's stressful enough having a baby without having to worry about money....kudos to you!


djh - February 18

It varies with type of delivery, interventions, c-sections, complications. But I am afraid it is not President Bush's fault, no matter which party was in power over the last 50 years there has been no real relief on healthcare costs. Our politicians always talk a good game when trying to get elected, but end up never fixing our healthcare system. I have lived long enough now to know it isn't the fault of the last 6 years, it has always been difficult to pay for healthcare in the US.


vonzo - February 18

WOW i am sooo grateful for the NHS, we don't have to pay for anything!!!


Jilloh - February 19

Call the hospital you will be delivering at and talk to their financial department. They can give you an estimate of total cost and you will have to figure your 20%. Now they won't be able to factor in any complications or additional night stays. I called the hospital and asked for 2 nights (I stayed 2 1/2 days) but technically 3 nights--so my estimate was a little off.


cyclemom - February 19

I guess I am one of the lucky ones. My insurance covers just about everything. When I go to the hospital for tests, I pay a $40 copay and once I have my baby I will pay a $100 copay, but that's it. My insurance covers all my OB visits and the rest of the hospital stay.


sugs - February 20

Thanks everyone. This was really helpful. I knew what questions to ask and who to ask. I found out maternity is included in my coverage, so I don't have to worry about adding on. Also, I talked to the hospital, and if everything goes as planned, it should only cost me $3k, as that is my max out of pocket anyway. Thanks again!


iemc19 - February 22

I'm with vonzo - thank goodness for the NHS in the UK - how do you ladies do it?? What happens with all these people who don't have that kind of money????


xoxticiaxox - February 22

Seriously, how do people with no money have a baby in the states?? Do they get turned away?



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