Cost Of Having A Baby

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leahlu - June 22

hi everyone! my boyfriend and i are kind of planing on becoming pregnant withing the next year, but we still have some open questions that some of you might be able to answer. first of all we were wondering, if my health insurance plan will cover the labour and delivery costs at the hospital (now, we live in alberta and have alberta health coverage), how expensive a normal- without complications- childbirth at a hospital costs (average), and how soon should we introduce ourselves to the hospital of our choice? well, we would be glad if someone can answer our questions,maybe someone who lives in canada as well :) thank you so much!!


jon - April 8

I am teen a going to have a baby what do i have to look forward to?


sam - April 19

i'm 16 and i'm pregnant i was wondering if anyone was interested in taking my baby it's going to be a healthy boy and is due may 22


tami - May 18

sam if you need help let me know!!!! e-mail me at


Mary - May 21

How much money does it cost to have a baby?


Maureen - May 21

Hi Leahlu, I am living in Quebec, in Canada as well. Well, as far as I know, health care covers the costs of your hospital stay, at least in Quebec. Isn't it the same all over Canada?? I am suprised that Alberta dosn't have the same health insurance plan for everybody. You mean you have to pay like in the United States? Perhaps you will get better service than us if that's the case. PLEASE let me know. Thanks.:)


Laura - May 30

Hi Leahlu, I live in Ontario and here all the costs a__sociated with having a baby (not including prescriptions) are paid for by the provincial health plan. You don't have to pay for any of your doctor's care or hospital stay. Isn't it the same all across Canada?


ALBERTA - May 31

Hi, I'm Kim and I had my son in Edmonton last Nov. There is no cost to have your baby in an Alberta hospital. You do however have the choice to be in a semi-private or private room at an additional cost to you. Some extended plans will cover this, but you need to check with you plan. Due to complications I was kept in a private room at no extra cost, but I remember it wasn't too expensive. In Edmonton most doctors/midwives will only deliver at their hospital of choice. When you pick you doc. you should ask right from the beginning where they do deliveries and then you can make an appointment to tour the hospital. This way if you don't like the hospital, you could consider changing doctors. Get in touch if you have any questions, my son was the first for my boyfriend and me too! (Kim)


FOR SAM - May 31

Sam; e-mail me if you want to chat. Maybe I can help.


Daniell - June 7

You're dumb


Eva - June 22

Hey, I live in Grande Prairie AB. and I am about to deliver my second. Kim was right, it's no cost to you, but she forgot to mention that you have to pay if you choose to have your son circ_mcised. It's about $100.00.



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