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amie - September 30

i am almost 33 wks pregnant, and I am having cramps in my lower part of my stomach, it actually feels like i am going to start my period (but i dont) I went to the doctor and they wernt sure. Has any one else felt this menstrual like feeling?


Ashley - October 2

I had the same problem at 31 weeks. I asked everyone and no one knew. When I went to the doctor he did a exam on me and saw that I was dialated already 1 cm! So it does mean something and MAKE SURE he examines you bc u might be dialating or something. It really was what happened to me, so if something doesnt feel right get it checked out asap! I am on bed rest, complete bed rest bc of it. U dont wanna have this baby too soon, it needs to stay in there as long as possible. I had the menstral type cramps (the only symptom I even had) and they were minor, but thats what the doctor found out from my exam. Good luck!


name - October 14

I get them after s_x really 35 wks and going to ask my doctor on Monday!


sarah - December 5

i am now 35 weesks & have been having period like pains just recently but i am told that it could be your pelvis widening in preperation for birth.


j larkin - December 6

i am 11 weeks pregnant and i am having terrible cramp like pains i have been up all nite and i am very worried


stephanie - December 6

yes, I know what you mean & the dr didn't know what it was either, I had an ultrasound & everything but nothing showed up, there were some contractions showing up on the machine & then he put me off work for a few days...but he wasn't to concerned with it, so if he isn't then I try not to be, so I wouldn't worry unless it progresses more..then go back ! :) good luck


Brittney - May 16

I have been having like period cramps in my lower part of my stomach and pains in my lower part of my back.When i sit down it stops hurting.Can i be preg?


Jen - May 16

I have been having these sharp pains that feel like they are going through my v____a and they hurt. It happens when I get up from sitting or lying down. I don't know what it is this my first time being Pregnant!!!


Katharine - May 16

That is what my labor felt like. My nother had told me that hers felt like bad menstrual cramps, otherwise I wouldn't have known that's what it was. In the cla__s, they said they would start at the top of the uterus and go around to the bottom, but I never had contractions like that throughout my first labor. Only severe cramps that seemed to spread from my lower abdomen.



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