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savy - February 12

I am almost 34 weeks, and I've been getting cramping in my legs and abdomen area.... they kind of feel like menstrual cramps but they also feel like the growing pains you get when you are small. Are these BH contractions? They only happen in my upper right leg and abdomen area.


Tammy276 - February 12

hi savy....I think we have the same DD...March 29th? That does sound like BH contractions. I have been getting them since around 18 weeks. Sometimes they are just a tightening sensation and other times, I get the back pain with pain around the front, down my leg, pressure in my bum and a shooting pain up my crotch....Oh the joys of getting ready for delivery!! I also for some reason usually only get the bad pains on my right side. I think it is because she is laying on the right side, so it causes more pressure.


savy - February 13

Thanks Tammy! Yup March 29th.... how exciting. Are you getting super uncomfortable? I feel like I've done a 24 hour workout. My body is very sore and my right side of my bum is achey.... I was thinking that my little guy is spending all his time on that side too. It seems like he's been kicking and punching harder than ever. It even hurts at times.


pokerbabej69 - February 15

I have those same cramps right now. I talked to my Ob about them and she said they were probly just BH contractions. As for the upper right leg/ bum pain I have had that for a while too. I've found that getting a ma__sage or even taking a nice hot bath seem to soothe all the pains away... even if it is just for a while.


Tammy276 - February 16

I love taking baths, they help relax me so much that I don't ever want to get out, and when I do, I am so weak from being so relaxed......only 6 more weeks to go, maybe less!! My next appt. is in 2 weeks so I will be checked for dilation then and I'm sure I will be...I was 3cm and 100% effaced at 36 weeks with my son. My doctor told me I am at higher risk for pre-term labor because of a LEEP procedure I had done a few years back, so she isn't expecting me to go to my due date this time...I"m not either with all the aches and pains and twinges I've been feeling..I have a feeling I will be at least 2 weeks early..... What are you thinking for yourself?


savy - February 16

I've been feeling the lower bum pain for a while too, but it's gotten worse now. I haven't taken any baths yet, but I'll try that for sure. I bought this bath calming liquid.... do you know if that kinda stuff is ok to use? As for the due date stuff, I have no clue, but I hope that we go to term or even late, but with my luck he'll come early. I actually feel very ready for it, and I wouldn't mind if he came early. I have a hard time sleeping too. How do they check for dilation?



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