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hyed - December 28

when the baby starts to crown what kind of feeling and pain will you feel? im doing it natural so how would it feel? thanks


Dana - December 31

My doula explained it to me as a burning ring of fire. Pretty self exsplanitory.


Lynn - January 1

It didn't feel like a ring of fire to me. I did it naturally too, It really just felt like that whole area was stretched to it's limits. It was painful, I remember the nurse asking me if I wanted the mirror to see down there & I said "No, I just want her OUT!". But really, its no more painful than the rest of labor & delivery, just a different kind of pain.


MichelleB - January 2

I agree with Lynn. I felt a drop when he got into the birth ca___l. I think burning would be a good way to describe it......the contractions were so bad in comparative that I thought this was a breeze. I also agree about the mirror. In natural labour, I didnt want to waste time on the mirror, just wanted him out!


marcie. - January 3

hyed,good luck to you going natural.When I was pregnant with my 1st,I thought that mothers do it without medication,so I'll be ok,with medication,the meds did not take,or made me feel bad.The pain is very intense,you think it cannot get worse and it does.You have difficulty to breath as your whole area tightens.I felt the burning,the crowning for me was painful,at one stage I felt like my legs were being ripped apart,they said on the next contraction I would have a small cut,and I felt it....good luck!


jg - January 3

I had an epidural and didn't feel a thing (thanks goodness). My sister-in-law did it natural and said it felt like she was being torn apart and would split in half, and that the pain was worse than she could ever have imagined......on that happy note, GOOD LUCK!!!


Steph to Dana - January 3

Burning Ring of Fire!! Hahahahah!! That's exactly what my doc said to me...and that's exactly what it felt like even with an epidural!!


Beth - January 3

In my childbirth cla__s she called it a burning ring of fire too. She also had us take our fingers to each corner of our mouths and pull out and hold for a few minutes. Then she said its that kind of burning but in a more sensitive area.



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