Delayed Cord Cutting Have Anything Info About It

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SaraH - February 19

Posted this on the 3rd tri form but thought I'd ask here too. Do any of you know much about delayed cutting of the umbilical cord? I've been reading up a bit on it and it sounds like it may have some benefits for the baby, and from what I've read there don't seem to actually be any side effects (although there are a few doc's who think that the baby could possibly get too much blood if you wait, however, from the little bit I've read on it nothing really seems to support this). Since 30% or more of the babies blood is in the umbilical cord at the time of birth, it kind of seems logical that it might be a good idea to wait a minute or two after birth (unless there is some complications obviously) so that some of that blood actually gets back into the babies body, but I really don't know much about it. So, I'm wondering if any of you have heard/know anything about it? Also for those of you who aren't here in the US, do you know how quickly the doc's normally cut the cord where you're at? Here the doc's tend to clamp and cut it immediately after birth, but I've been told that if you ask them to wait most of them will. Also from what I've read a lot of mid-wives and ppl who have a less "clinical" and more "natural" view of birth tend to be very supportive of delaying the cutting; some even waiting until the cord completely stops pulsating before they cut it. So anyways, just wondering if you girls have any info or thoughts on it. If you do I'd appreciate it. I'm thinking I'll bring up the issue w/ my OB on Thursday and see what she has to say. Thanks.


Marlyn - February 20

Hi SaraH, I am in Canada and I had my daughter about 11 weeks ago and my midwife did not cut the cord until it stopped pulsating, with no ill effects. I have done some research on cord clamping and, in my opinion, it seems like it would be best for the baby to have the cord blood. I believe that childbirth has become too medicalized. Nature intended that blood to be in the baby.


SaraH - February 21

Marlyn thanks for the info on your midwife waiting. I agree, it seems to make logical sense to me that it would be best for the baby to wait and allow the blood to get back into it's system, and I agree that childbirth has become way to medical. By the way, how long did it take for the cord to completely stop pulsating? I've tried looking up a time frame for it but didn't find anything that actually listed how long it generally takes to completely stop. Thanks for the info and congrats on your daughter.


Marlyn - February 21

I'm not really sure how long it took, my husband thinks it took about 5 to 8 minutes. When he cut the cord there was no blood in it like you usually see on those birth story shows! I gave birth on a birthing stool and my midwife put my daughter right into my arms, then we transfered to the bed right away for the initial skin to skin contact. This is when the cord was cut. When is your due date?


SaraH - February 21

Thanks marlyn. I'm due April 5th.


Isa - February 22

Hi SaraH, I'm in my 39th week and moved to Germany a few months ago. I had a visit from my midwife two weeks ago and she told me that they wait until the cord has stopped pulsating before they cut it. It seems to make more sense and I was a lot happier to hear that. I wish you all the best. I think she said it takes about 20 minutes, but I'm not 100% sure.



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