Delivery Room And Husband

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CincyDM - June 19

My husband wants it just to be the two of us in the delivery room with the Dr. - meaning he doesn't want my mom to be in there. I'm just concerned that he won't be able to comfort me the way that I want. Whom have all of you had in the room with you and who would you have liked to have in there?


Bonnie - June 19

I only had my DH in there as that was what I wanted. I say you do whatever you feel deep down would be best. This is one time where your DH should back off and let you make the calls on what you want. :)


numba1cutie6t9 - June 19

i didnt think my husband would be great in the delivery rooom either(even tho hes all I wanted in there) and he was wonderful. I think theres soem sort of instinct that they have that kicks in :-) good luck


miraclebaby - June 19

I feel that its your choice, but my husband was great with our first and I would have no one but him because I felt it was our moment. But this second baby, I would let more in, because I already did it once. Good luck


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 20

I had my mom, my grandmother and my fiance in there with me. It was nice having two people to hold me while I pushed and one to take pictures!


2StarsOnMyBack - June 20

Please, please just have whomever YOU want in the delivery with you. Trust me, if you don't, you will regret it everyday of your life. with my baby, i was soo hoping the nurses or somebody would just kick my MIL out. I swear she was being the most unconsiderate person ever and I knew it would be like that, but was too embarra__sed to ask her to leave. She is one of those persons that can not stand a silent moment and will go on and on about everything and anything. whenever i would have a moment to dose off and rest, the sound of her laughter would wake me up. all along i wanted it to be just me and my husband in there and i didnt get it. it really sucks because it was my first baby. :(


mary mb - June 20

i had my husband his mom my mom it was fine i think you should have who u want its not up to him i let my mother inlaw because it would not be fare to have just my mom but i have 3 kids and the last one we were the only ones in there


Been There - June 20

I understand your husband's view, but you're the one going through this physically. It's your choice who you need to have by your side. It's your comfort that's important at this time. So you should make your decision and he should respect it.


dee23 - June 20

it is your choice. but dont forget that its your husbands baby too, and he will be no good to you if he is upset the whole time because u have allowed someone else to bask in his glory. he may also think that by you having your mum in there, that he wont feel like he isnt doing an adequate enough job either. im sure he will do fine by u cant totally rely on other ppl to be your motivation, alot of that comes from the inside too. and if u expect too much from ppl of course your going to be dissapointed. its ment to be a joyess occation for the both of you, personally i wouldnt want my dh's experience to be totally ruined if he REALLY didnt want anyone else in there. although he should be supportive of your decisions, maybe tell him that he will be really bored and having other ppl there would make light of the situation...thats the only way i know of to cover your arse. one thing i can never understand is how can you girls work up all the courage to let your mum's see your twats, bm's on the bed....standing naked in the shower....then gossiping to everyone about it, your all very brave. i find it to be a very personal experience that you should share with the one thats closest to your and the baby.


ashley - June 20

my husband is the same way and I told my husband tough! I said I am the one going through the pain, some times a girl needs her mommy still


Patti - June 21

Usually the hospital will allow or not allow whomever the mother wants. It's all about you during labor/delivery. Anyway, you know your husband may change his mind completely once things progress. What you think you want or know sometimes tends to fly out the window when things get going in labor. I know many women not comfortable exposing all to strangers, but when it gets down to it, you really end up not caring if your paper boy is in there! Maybe play in by ear. I have a feeling your dh will do whatever you want once he sees how much you are going through. He may even be thankful to have your mom there if it's taking a while and he could use a break. Good luck either way!


Laurabb4 - June 21

My mom has been there every time. I am due with my 4th in July. I needed my mom evertime. Even though DH has been a great coach everytime. Moms comfort different than DH!


piratesmermaid - June 21

It is a rather big decision for you two. Deciding who is in and who is out. I know my husband and I want the birth of our baby to be a special thing just between the two of us, and my mom believes the same thing. We have decided to let my mom in while I'm laboring, she she can help me then, but when it comes time to push, she'll leave and wait outside the room. Of course whatever you decide beforehand could change in the midst of things!!


BIG RED - June 21

I am a single mother of 2 girls. My mom and my best friend were there for the birth of both my girls. That was all the support I needed. But I beleive the choice is totally up to you but you might want to take hubbies feelings into consideration.


AmandaManns - June 21

Well my boyfriend was in the delivery room along with my mom and his mom. Believe me thank God for our two moms becaue he was a nervous wreck. Our moms were going back and forth getting me cool washcloths and he was pacing around the room about to pa__s out lol. He was the first one to hold our son and he did get to cut the cord so I was actually thankful that those two were in there. Plus my mom was overjoyed to see her grandson born, she said there is no words to describe how she felt.


AmandaManns - June 21

Also both of our moms took pictures so it made for some really awesome picture memories.


Jamie - June 22

My husband was the only one in the room with me, and I really wish my mom and stepmom had been able to be there, too, because it was our first baby, but my mom and stepmom have both been there before, and so could have rea__sured us, etc. Unfortunately, we didn't have the choice. Hopefully things will be different with our next child.



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