Did Any Of You Poop Alot Before Going Into Labor

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Leahp - September 7

Hey ladies, everyone here at work thinks I'm going to have my baby any day now! My tummy has dropped a lot since yesterday and all morning I keep feeling like I have to poop, I have twice, but once was a false alarm, I was 90% effaced last week and go to the doc today. I've also been really crampy all morning. Is she coming??


Tami - September 7

Hey leahp-sounds like what I have been going through for a couple weeks now! Hopefully you have a different story than me and yoru baby is going to come! I know that my baby dropped about a week and a half ago and yesterday at my exam my doctor said baby is very low. Unfortunately the contractions the last few weeks dont' seem to have led anywhere! Good luck though and keep us posted. What did your doctor say by the way?


Leahp - September 8

Hi Tami, went to the doc yesterday and no progress, he even said I need to start walking ALOT!! My cervix is still hard like a b___ton and needs to ripen. I hope I dialate!!!! So much for the pooping, I guess it's just part of the territory, I was hoping she was coming.


Leahp - September 8

I'm sorry that you had no progress! I do know the feeling however, its frustrating isn't it? I guess we get to be patient for a while huh? Keep me updated. I have been walking every morning so hopefully that will have done something by my next appointment on Monday. How far along are you by the way?


Leahp - September 8

I'm 38 weeks and two days!! I would just love the surprise of her coming when she decides instead of having to be induced, ugggghhh!! I heard from another woman to sit on the resist-a-ball and bounce so I've been doing that off and on this morning and will walk today as well. She said that she was just playing around jumping on her mini trampoline and went into labor that day!!!


Tami - September 8

Hmm-I wish I had a mini trampoline! Maybe I will go walk up and down the stairs a lot-I have heard that helps. :) How are you feeling today? It is hard to wait huh? I told my little girl that it is time to evict her from the premises, but she doesn't seem to want to listen to me already! :) when is your next doctors appointment? I am a__suming next week.


Alisha - September 8

At my early stage of labor I couldn't hold anything in or anything down if you know what I mean. They told me I wasnt in labor, to drink sprite and sent me home with a sleeping pill. And 10 hours later I had a baby and almost on my bed at home. I had to be ambulanced in to the nearest hospital. And not the one that sent me home. Luckily I had no complications while I was going through all that labor at home. Please be careful, doctors arent always right.


Nicole - September 8

I went to the doctor on a Tues. and he told me that I was dialated to a one and to effacement. On Sunday night I started getting crampy and was up every hour, I woke up at 4:00 with diarrhea and when I peed there was blood in it. I was told that the diarrhea is a sign of labor. I was induced with my first so I did not have any of that, but the second one decided she was coming 2 1/2 weeks early. Good luck.


Tami - September 12

Leahp-do you have a baby yet? How are you feeling if you haven't? I went to the doctor today and I am now dilated to a 2. horray some progress at least-I have been at a one for 3 weeks so at least that is something right? I am hoping that baby is on her way! Let me know!


Leahp - September 13

Hey Tami, no baby yet, but I go to the doc tomorrow. My hubby and I made a trip in to the hospital last night since we thought my water had broke and they checked me all out there and my cervix has at least started to soften, last week it was almost 100% effaced, but no dialating. So we'll see, the midwife told me last night that we still have time, uuggggghh! But I'm hoping the little lady will come before the 20th!!!


Tami - September 13

Leahp-sorry to hear no baby yet! Hopefully will be here by the 20th right? i am hoping my baby comes soon! I am in so much pain all the time. I went walking this morning with a friend who is 35 weeks pregnant, but I barely made it home I was having such bad sciatic nerve pain! Let me know what your doctor says. :)



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