Did You Get All The Way To 2 Weeks Overdue

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Olivene - February 23

Hi. I was just thinking i have hardly known anyone to go 2 full weeks past their due date. Is this because most doctors like to induce before this, because most moms insist on inducing, or just because it doesn't usually go that long naturally? I just wondered. My doc told me yesterday that he will not induce before two weeks past the due date, which is fine with me, but made me think about it. Your experiences?


b - February 24



Dez - February 25

With my first baby the dr. didnt schedule my induction until a few days before 42 weeks. With the first they dont like to induce you earlier because of the chance of having to have a c-section. I delivered just fine but those extra 2 weeks were a drag, because I know we are all ready to deliver at 37 weeks when they say thats full term. Before they induced me I had no signs whatsoever of labor coming on its own. I am on baby number 2 and this time they will induce me at 39 weeks if I havent delivered by then, cross my fingers Im 36 weeks and I hope I go on my own before then.


Olivene - February 26

Thanks, Dez. How big was your baby at nearly 42 weeks?Good luck with going on your own and also a wish for a speedy, easy delivery for you!


Dez - February 27

Well she was 7lbs 6oz so she wasnt big for being overdue, but this one they told me that he was already at 6lbs when I was 34 weeks. I am almost 37 and still have no signs of going into labor, Im so jealous my aunt had her baby on Friday and we were the same amount of weeks pregnant. How far are you?


mickey87 - February 28

my freind went the full 2 weeks and when they tried to induce her it didnt work!!!!! and she ended up having to get a c-section cuz they couldnt get her in labor...!!her baby was 9lbs...makes me nervous i hope i dont go the full 2 weeks im due in 6 days and reallllyyy want labor to happen NOW :P


Olivene - March 1

I am only 17 weeks, but I am just wondering how it will all go. I was hoping that going more than 40 weeks was rare- I think it would be so difficult to just keep waiting that long!



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