Did You Have A Natural Drug Free Birth

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Aliya - December 11

can anyone who had a natural birth please describe it? how did it really feel? both the contractions and when the baby came out? was it worth it? how did you cope with the pain? any bad side effects after? please tell all


k - December 12

i had a natural birth how ever they did give me some pain killers that made me sleepy but did not have an epaderal. when you are pushing all you really feel is the pressure and to me when my son was born the relieve of pressure was like when you have to pee real bad and you finally let it all out. thats the best way i can describe that. its been 2 years since my son was born and can't remember the name of what they gave me. i could still feel the contractions and the pressure it mostly helped me relax. with me i started to tear so the doctor cut me. so i had to get st_tches but not everyone tears. i don't think it is as bad as some people put it out to be. good luck


Pam - December 12

If you can I would recommend it. I was very lucky with both of mine. Minor tear, do anything to avoid episiotomy unless baby is very large you should let nature do it for you. Listen to your midwife if you have one, they know far more than doctors about natural childbirth. If a doctor can't give it drugs or cut it open I feel thay are at a loss to help. Don't forget though that if it gets too much for you you can ask for pain relief that is not an epidural, epidurals have to be done pretty early on I think and if you are in full b__wn labour it may be too late. I'm not sure as it varies from country to country but I had a shot of "pethedine" with my first that took the edge off and nothing with my second, no time was only in labour total 1 Hour! In UK they also use "gas and air" mask, not sure what gas it is though and sometimes it can make you vomit. Water also helps, it is very popular now in UK for a birthing pool. Discuss early on with your docotrs and they should help you decide and if not try and find a midwife or natural birthccentre in your area. They will have contact with a hospital should you need to get more help as things progress. Good luck. Ps- you do feel the contractions but this helps for you to know when to push, I'm convinced that's why I had no significant tears on 8lb 13oz and 8lb 3oz babies. You forget the discomfort the minute they pop out!


Aliya - December 12

Thank you for answering. Really appreciate the info. I'm really not wanting an episiotomy as well as an epidural -hopefully if I do feel the need for pain med I can request something else. This will be my 1st baby. I'm originally from the Uk and have now been living in Seattle for just over 4 months


Christine - December 13

I had both of mine natuaral...well not completely I guess because they did give me some...I think demerol...it did nothing for the contractions or pushing...but made me almost sleep inbetween contractions...which I think helped some...it hurts...lord knows...but just like they said..when the baby is out the relief is all there...and basically there is no more pain...I didnt rip with either of my children..the were 6'12 and 6'14..not big, not small...so I didnt have st_tches or anything...good luck it will all work out for you...I'm pregnant with my 3rd..and I've seen friends who have had the epidurals...though it looks nice because there is no pain, but it just didnt seem right..not to me...she was sitting up playing scrabble...and she ended up with a c section anyways...


sharon - December 29

hi i had myfirst baby, a baby girl in august, she was due 31st, but came 2 days early on the 29th. i was extremely lucky in labour, i was terrified, as the braxton hicks hurt me so i was a wimp!! but my waters broke totally unexpected at home,while getting ready to go to the pub, so i went to hospital then they sent me home, i was only 1/2cm dialated, went to the pub and only lasted 20 mins there, came home, had a bath then few hrs later felt the urge to push and could see her head, was in back seat of car on all fours father in law driving about 100 miles an hr! cant remember getting into the hospital, but by then i was 7cm,and 45 mins later she was born completely natural(no time for anyhthing)!!weighing 8lb9oz! would reccomend it to anyone and everyone. with my next babe i'm going to have to leave for the hospital the minute labour starts.it was so quick 4 1/2 hrs.


kashi - December 30

i don't think one can say that they had a natural birth when they had painkillers and episiotomies. natural is just that - NATURAL.


KM - January 2

I had a 13 hr labour with 4 hrs of pushing. only thing I had was demerol because the anthestisiologist was in a trauma accident and the epidural wasnt available. It was the worst pain i have ever felt in my life and I think ppl who dont opt for the epidural are CRAZY lol. well Brave i guess is a better word for it.I ended up with a c-section after all of that :(


k - January 2

I had not drugs and oh gosh did it hurt, but i had a very hard labor. And pushing hurt because i tor as he was comming out. But once it was over i forgot about it all and had my bundle of joy!


Pam - January 2

Hi, Kashi can you tell us your natural birth story? My 2nd was completely drug and episiotomy free but if that is not possible for everyone then it shouldn't be criticised. They wanted to give me a c-section as my baby was breech at 41 weeks but the fab doctor turned him around in the womb. A strange, painful and unusual experience so maybe that wasn't natural afterall! Good luck to all however the baby gets it I hope they are all healthy.


kashi - January 2

pam: i am CLEARLY not critizising. all i said is that i don't think you can call it natural drug free birth when you've had painkillers and episiotomies. i know that that is not possible for all women. but still, natural is just that - NATURAL! painkillers and episiotomies are most def not natural! i wrote that previous post in regards to k's post (quote: i had a natural birth how ever they did give me some pain killers that made me sleepy but did not have an epaderal.) besides, am very happy for you that you were able to have the baby be turned around and didn't have to have a c-section... congratulations!


Nikki - January 3

I had what they call a "wiff" of Stadol about midway through my 13 hour labor. They had decided to give Pitocin to speed up my labor, since my water broke at 4:30 that morning. My cervix was efaced, but not dilating fast enough. I decided to have a little something for pain at the same time, since the pain also increases when they use Pit. Naroctics do nothing for pain during labor! It merely helps you to relax more fully between contractions. The pain is still the same. I had a side affect from the Stadol which made me feel like I couldn't catch my breath. This was just great for trying to do Lamaze! This was about the time I hit the transition phase of labor and began to feel totally out of control, tired and ready to quit! When it came time to push, I got a little more energy, and when my midwife said she saw hair and had me to reach down and feel. Feeling the tip top of the baby's head covered in wet hair gave me a renewed sense of energy and a second wind. It gave me hope that it wouldn't be long until it was all over!


Pam - January 5

Hi Kashi, I'm sorry I must have been feeling overly sensitive when I wrote that and thought it was criticism, sorry again. I've noticed that you haven't had your baby yet from another post so I wish you luck and if you go down the drug free no intervention route I wish you luck. Grit your teeth and push girl push! As you say natural is no drugs and medical intervention but some may disagree with the definition, I believe they are very keen to move things along in the US and cut you open. If you don't want this don't let them!!! It may seem like a good idea at the time when you are tired, in pain and it seems like it will never end but if you can avoid it as it is major surgery and you need 6 weeks to recover from that never mind look after your baby. Good luck. Pam


kashi - January 5

hi pam, no problem... you're right, i haven't had my baby yet, but i am planning to have a home birth (only with my husband and my midwife) and chances are very good so far that this will actually work out fine, since the baby and i are healthy and there are no complications so far. i don't take any chemical meds since years and don't want to do that when the baby is comin either. the deal with the midwife is, not to offer me any drugs, but if i want some of my own, she will have some available. and if there should be any complications coming up, then we'll def go to the hospital (even thou i don't trust doctors, but my midwife promised not to leave me alone should this be the case). i will certainly use other things than chemical drugs to ease the pain thou. i am absolutely convinced that one can give birth without any use of drugs, since our ancestors have done that for thousands of years. and if they can do it, then i will too. thanks for your encouraging words!


Pam - January 6

I wih you all the best with your home birth. It sounds like you have a good midwife so if you listen to what she tells you then you should be fine. The urge to push and scream at the wrong times can sometimes be overwhelming but just breathe and push as she tells you and it will all be fine. I'm convinced that my midwife saved me from unwecome intervention and I only had a tiny tear on a 8lb 13oz baby which healed in no time with no st_tches. I know of others who had episiotomies and got terrible infections and took months to heal so avoid at all costs, its more elastic down there than we think! Please remember though that if all doesn't go to plan it not your fault and the safety of you and your baby are of prime importance. I'm wishing all the luck and lets us know how it all goes.


Aliya - January 6

Hi Kashi When's yr baby due? Please tell me what other ways you plan to relieve pain? I'm v interested to know as I'm considering trying to go drug free.


kashi - January 6

aliya - i am due on 5 / 4 / 05, but i try not to get too caught up in that, since the baby is going to come whenever it's ready - i've figured out that babies don't care much about due dates :) well, i am still reserarching some things. we will def rent a birthing pool, since laboring in water can reduce pain up to 80% (sounds good to me!) and the childbirth cla__s i've enrolled in is a special home birth cla__s. they put a lot of emphasis on how to deal / cope with pain, i hope to learn a lot there! they talk about lamaze, aromatherapy, herbs, teas, positions to relieve pain, etc. which will def be interesting... when is your baby due? are you planning to have a home birth or hospital? do you have a midwife?



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