Did You Hear About The Woman

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piratesmermaid - July 7

Hey, just wondering if anyone else saw the video on cnn.com the other day about the woman that gave birth in a Wal-Mart bathroom? The woman says she didn't even know she was pregnant and that she had no pain at all, it just felt like she had to go and OOPS out pops a baby! I dunno if it's just me, but I'm having a hard time believing that she didn't even know she was pregnant until the baby was born. That's just incredible.


Been There - July 7

I find that so hard to believe. Something about her body had to have changed. Not to mention the heavy child weighing down your belly, your inability to bend over, lack of a period, etc. I swear these women are just too embarra__sed about being pregnant or their situations, so they play stupid. Not to mention the baby moving around inside. How can you miss that one?


sahmof3 - July 8



Atarahsmommy - July 8

It is so weird to think of, since here we are and feeling the baby move and all that is so obviouse, but I know it happens, the sister of a friend of mine had that happen, they were going to start trying for a baby so she quit smoking, she still got her period the whole time and the little weight she did gain she attributed to having quit smoking, she was having really bad pains one day and went to the doctor and he said "guess what, your in labor" she didn't even know she was pregnant, can you imagine what her husband thought when she called him up and said "i'm in labor" hahahahaha!


sfrias - July 8

Well... I cannot believe it... It is impossible. I heard that women that are overweight sometimes "they do not realize"... Whatever... How come you cannot realize that you do not have your period, that your mood is changing more often, that you have cravings, the movement inside, the pain a__sociated with that movement... Either these people do not know their bodies at all or I know my too well.


piratesmermaid - July 8

That's an interesting way of putting it, sfrais! Then I know my body too well also!! I know that some women continue to have spotting during pregnancy that I guess they understand as their period, but I still think that she just was covering up her pregnancy for some reason. And the fact taht she said there was no pain during labor? Humph.


Atarahsmommy - July 11

I used to not beleive it either, about the women who didn't know they were pregnant, but some women get full out periods the whole time they are pregnant, not just spotting, and I can undestand because aside from feeling my baby move I haven't hardley "felt" pregnant, no discomfort, no mood swings, no craving really, untill the very end, at 32 weeks I just popped out and now sometimes I get uncomfortable with BH and such, but still for the most part I am still comfortable, I would not be one who could not know I was pregnant I have a very pregnant looking belly, but some women don't get that for some reason. Anyway I DON"T beleive though, that they didn't feel any pain during labor and they just popped the baby out, oops! I think they are just trying to cover it up, there is no way that you wouldn't know your were pushing out a baby, I haven't had a baby before but I'm guessing it feeles a little diffrent than just going to the bathroom, I understand the initial feeling of having to push is similar, but when the baby starts to come down it is through a totaly diffrent place, I think it would feel different


apr - July 12

I wish I could "just go to the bathroom" and hey presto!!! out comes baby!!! Might as well stop wishing, coz that obviously never happens to women who "know" they are pregnant. Next time I'll try not knowing hahahahaha!!! Now how do you do that? I am 37 weeks and 2 days and I am WAITING and nothings happening


kdrider1 - July 12

I know of someone who didn't know she was pregnant. She went to the hospital with bad stomach pains and had a baby. The baby only weighed 1 pound.


piratesmermaid - July 12

kdrider1, and did the baby survive? That just sounds so out there, ya know?


kdrider1 - July 12

yes, and he is now actually big for his age


Nadine-B - July 12

When my grandmother came over from Germany she couldn't speak or understand much english and almost gave birth to my mum in the toilet, all she kept saying to the nurses was she had to go! difference is she knew she was pregnant


piratesmermaid - July 12

Amazing how the body works sometimes, then. And how strong tiny babies can be.


falafal0 - July 14

I know a friend of a friend who does not feel pain when in labour - at all. Her body not only doesn't feel this pain for some reason, the nerves are turned off somehow, but her body doens't go into labour by itself like ours naturally do - she's missing that 'hormone'. She has to be made to go into labout at 40 weeks and does not feel a thing. She has 5 children now and is stopping at that. Things do sound far out there, but they can happen, the body is an amazingly freaky thing. I'd surely like to swap the pain I feel with the women who don't, let me tell you!


mandee25 - July 14

Wow that's amazing! I wonder how much that baby weighed for her not to know she was pregnant. How old was the woman?


akeelah - July 14

i dont know about full term people but I only found out i was pregnant after three mths i did not have any signs but the ultrasound said it all


mom.2.5 - July 14

Well I knew I was pregnant with all 5 of mine but with my 4th I was close to 5 months before I knew. I had been working out (lifting weight and on a controlled diet) of course when you alter your body with heavy weights you have no period, so i though i'm looking good, I'm naturally skinny 5'10 125lbs, then I felt kicking and sure enough i was preggers again. Good thing too, I already had 3 girls and that one was a boy! i just have to say I don't know how anyone could mistake all that moving and kicking.



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