Dilated To 5cm Go To The Hospital

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jnjohnson228 - June 6

I am curious if any of you have any guidance for my situation. I am 5 cm dilated right now. I have not had any contractions (at least not that I have felt). Lately I have had a lot of bowel movements and preassure on the bladder and bowels. I am actually due today and am concerned because my husband works on the railroad, which means that when he leaves to go to work, he is gone for 2 days. Also, I live about an hour away from the hospital I am delivering at. I wonder, would they turn me away if I went to the hospital 5 cm dilated? Being that I am so far dilated, I am concerned that my labor will not be long enough for my husband to get home (at least 5 hours). Any ideas on what they'll do if I go to the hospital?


Steph - June 6

First of all, how do you know that you are 5 cm dialated? I would a__sume that if your doctor checked you he/she would send you to the hospital. With regard to the hospital, I'd call them and tell them your dialation and what they recommend you to do. Good luck!


jnjohnson228 - June 6

my last OB visit told me I was 5cm dilated


Mindi - June 6

Well through my midwife and birthing cla__ses, they encouraged me to go in when the pain was not tolerable anymore. But, I have not heard of a situation that you get checked and are at 5 cm. and the dr. sends you home. They told me that they would keep me after 3 cm dialated. Good luck!


jnjohnson228 - June 6

I know it! I was feeling like this was a bit different than your average situation. I have been progressing 1cm each week. The thing that kills me is that I have had no pain at all. Lots of baby movement, but no pain. My husband and I are probably going to go into the hospital tomorrow morning and see if they send me home or not. I guess it's worth the try. I have read that some women actually are having contractions, but don't feel them. I have had a few pains here and there, but nothing major.


jenpreg39 - June 7

Im dilated at 4cm, 70% effaced right now,just came back from my doc's appointment. She has scedualed me to go in next thursday,(15th)if i dont go into labor on my own.Im due tomorow.(8th).You could call the hospital,and tell them your situation,youll see what they say!


Daniella - June 9

I was 4cm for 3 weeks and said there was a girl there also that was 5 cm for 4 weeks and every week they could believe she made it another week.. So, it is possible.. My water finally broke and it took 28 hours after that for the baby to come. I never had contractions until the gave me meds after my water broke and I went to the hospital. If this is you first then don't worry about the 1 hour drive to the hospital.. its unusual for the first to come that fast. Once my contractions started it took 12 hours.


Daniella - June 9

typo *couldn't believe*


jnjohnson228 - June 10

I HAD THE BABY! Turns out my water broke on 6/7 at 7am at home. We then went to the hospital and baby Nolan Michael was born at 4:33pm. He is precious and I am just so happy!!!


Daniella - June 11

Congrats! Same thing happened to me.. Water broke without contractions. Did they induce contractions or did they finally come on its own??


Cloud 9 Doula - June 17

I was dilated to 6 cm for a week. Dilation does not tell you when labor will start or even if it will be quicker. If you go to the hospital you will be induced and likely end up with a c-section as your body is not ready to birth yet, otherwise, it would. Good luck.



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