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mommytobe - September 10

This past sunday I went to the hosp.and the doc said I was 1cm and 90% inface.When do they put you in the hosp?Is it when you hit 4cm or 3?


kaley - September 7

I'm dilated to 2 centimeters and 100% efaced how long will it take to go into labor


julie - September 10

I heard they'll send you home if you're less than 5. I'm 3 cm and 80% effaced at 39 weeks and my dr said be patient. They're going to sc___pe my membranes next week if there's no baby yet! Also in response to Kaley, dilation doesn't REALLY have any indication of labor starting soon, it just means your body's preparing. It could be weeks still before labor! Good luck to you both.


deanne - February 21

i was dialated to 2 when i was admitted. 5 hours later my son was born


Nicole - April 21

It varies from hospital to hospital. With my son, I was admitted at 4 cm with ruptured membranes and in active labor, and he wasn't born for 12 hours. With my daughter, I was only 2 cm and 90% effaced when I got to the birth center in active labor, and she was born only 1.5 hours later.


Sam parsley - May 5

Can someone explain 'Efface' I am 1.5cms dilated but have no idea what 'efface' means? Thanks


caitlin hildenbrand - May 7



Maleficent - May 11

the cervix is a muscle, it's typically long and hard. when you efface it gets shorter and softer. dilation reffers to it opening up to allow the baby to pa__s through. the hospitals i've delivered at don't admit you untill you are actively contracting.


maria - May 20

how does a contraction feel and were ?


Colleen - June 7

to further answer the effacement question...the first thing that needs to happen for the cervix to dialate is effacement..the cervix cannot open if it is hard..efacment simply means the thinning and softening of the cervix so that stretching can take place. dialtion refers to the size of the opening of the cervix. To answer the contraction question. Typically women describe contractions as a simliar feeling to a manstrual cramp...they are also known to be accompanied by low back pain thta is constant and dull until a contraction happens in which case the backpain becomes more acute ( although yopu do not need the back pain to be having contractions)...the contractions will increase in severity and frequency and may become "timeable" although some womens active labor contractions are not regular. after having four children naturally i know that my contractions typically vary in timing i will have a short easy contraction followed by a short rest period and then a very long very hard contraction followed by a longer rest period. my personal rule of thumb is to not go into the hospital (or call the midwife) until my activities are consistenly hindered by the pain or frequency of the contractions. although my husband wants to go the moment they become "regular" but sometimes going in to the hospital too early can stop labor (adrenalin hinders the early birthing process)and cause unneccssary intervention such as the use of a pitocin drip and lack of mobility which can hinder your body's ability to labor effeciently.


Michelle O'Malley - July 5

I was at my 37 week appt today and I am a loose 1cm what does that mean?


Colleen - July 6

it depends on what your doctor felt...but it could mean that you are beginning to efface. "stretchy" is usually the term i hear for a dialtion that has some effacement. what that basically means is that your bod is getting ready for the delivery...this can happen as early as 5 months...or as late as the day you give birth...dialtion and effacement are really not a good indicator of when you will go into labor, because all women are different....i personall y can "hang out" at 3 or so for weeks and then go into labor and go from 3 to 10 in less than an hour...but everyone s different. hope this helps :)


sabrina - July 9

I'm 36weeks and 5 days, 4cm dialated and 90% effaced doc sent me home from hospital because conntractions stopped. How much longer can it take?


Samantha - July 27

my doctor said 4 cm is when you stay in the hospital. Woman can be 3cm for weeks with no harm as long as your water doesn't break and you don't have constant contractions


KAtharine - July 28

I'm walking around at 5cm right now (maybe more since Monday). They won't keep me until I am in active labor (regular contractions that are finishing dilation).


patiently waiting - August 1

What do they do when they "sc___p" your membranes?


sabrina - August 1

I wrote in on the july 9th at 8:23pm I was 4cm and 90% efaced, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 5:07am july 10th just 9 1/2 hours later i guess it didn't take much longer. I questioned how how much longer to, but I guess babies come out when there ready. For me it was sooner than I thought, but all you ladies out there hang in there your bundle of joy will be here soon enough, i wake up every 3hrs to feed my son to b___st feed and he is the best thing thats happend to me anlong with my daughter thats almost 5. So hang in there and good luck to all!!!!



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