Dilation And Effacement Without Progress

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stellacadente - April 2

I have been dialated 2.5 CM and effaced 50/60% for two and a half weeks now. The Doctor told me I wouldn't make it to my due date. And yet here I am 38 weeks on Tuesday and I've been to the hospital 3 times. (4 if you count at 30 weeks because i had gall stones and started contractions and dialation then..-they misdiagnosed me with a bladder infection.) Anyways, I went in three times these past two and some odd weeks because of contractions every 3-5 minutes, and lasting for more than 30 minutes. I even got pumped (the last time there) with 2 bags of IV fluid and it still didnt stop the contractions, and yet NOTHING happened. I've been unable to sleep and so uncomfortable. The baby is due April 18th, and as bad as I want her out I want to do it naturally. It hurts to have s_x. And I was advised not to if it hurts. I guess my question is directed at the ladies who have had this similar problem and what to do about it? I've done everyhting I can to make hte baby come..minus Castor oil which i don't believe in (or think is healthy). And I've distracted myself to all ends, cleaned and organized the whole house. Walked for miles on end (i live in a big city..not hard to do) and even cleaned all teh baby clothes, reorganized the baby area..and I'm just going stir crazy! I'm SO tired all the time because I cant sleep and I'd rather do stuff than dwell on this. I just need to know if this is normal?? I mean I dont think I can stand the cervical pain much longer and as much as I hate teh idea of getting an induction it sounds more appealing than waiitng after 40 weeks!! I really need some advice.


Mongosmrs - April 2

I am in a very similar situation and am also due on April 18th, but mine is a scheduled c-section a week early. Congratulations, by the way. I feel as though I'm going to crawl out of my skin! Can't eat, can't sleep, contractions all of the time that are not productive, etc... at my last doctor's appointment I asked if he could perscribe something to calm my nerves that wouldn't hurt the baby and his reply was that I only had 2 1/2 weeks left and I should just try to stick it out a bit longer. To anyone else, 2 1/2 weeks may seem like nothing, but to me it feels like an eternity. I need relief and I need it now! I feel like if I don't get some relief quick I'm just going to collapse or go absolutely mental. Every morning when I get out of bed I say to myself, "I cannot do this another day", yet here I am. My arms and my hair are literally the only things on my body that don't ache. Hot baths help a little, but only while I'm actually in the bath. This is my 3rd child and I never experienced anything like this with my other 2. Of course, I was in my twenties with them and am 38 years old with this one, so I'm sure that probably has something to do with it. What pregnancy is this for you? Are you over 35? Whatever the situation may be, I wish you all of the luck in the world. I actually feel like today could be the day for me, but much like you, I get that feeling a lot, so it's probably just nothing, but we are considered to be full term now, so it would be nice. Let me know how you're doing.


sphinxminx - April 2

hi stella know exactly what you have been going through, I went through the same thing with my first pregnancy, diagnosed with gallstones, the pain had gotten so bad that they were going to induce me, but luckily I went a week early. If the pain gets really bad talk to your doc about inducing early since I know I couldn't take any medication while I was still pregnant. The symptoms got really bad after the delivery and I had to stop b___stfeeding because I had to take meds to control the pain. My thoughts are with you and hope you have your little one in your arms soon.


stellacadente - April 2

Mongosmrs- I am actually only 20 (21 in september) And this is my first child. I never expected it to go like this...I have always been fairly healthy and besides the gallstones I had a normal pregnancy. I wish today was the day for me too but i've been wishing for that since a little before 36 weeks. And it's just too much for me to handle going into the hospital with these contractions and then be so dissapointed, I'm glad it hasnt come to c-section for me yet but i wouldnt be surprised if it does in the end. I'm trying not to expect anything at this time. Hopefully we'll both make it through the next two weeks. I just know I can't stand it anymore and It's made me so jumpy and anxious. I dont want to talk to people or go anywhere and seeing a baby will make me almost burst into tears. This wasnt a planned pregnancy to begin with but thankfully I have a wonderful supportive husband I'm just worried so bad I cant stand it. *big hugs to you* I hope things go well for you for the next little while. It's not easy but we'll make it through- somehow.



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