Do Bad Period Cramps Mean A Bad Labor Experience

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Angela - February 17

I am curious to know if people who normally have had bad menstral cramps also had bad contractions and vis versa. My period usually incapacitates me the first 2-3 days and then the pain lets up... Advil is my only relief. This is my 1st baby - due august 2nd :)


jg - February 17

I suffered excruciating period pain that was only made bearable with medication that made me otherwise incapacitated, and my contractions were really bad, but only until the epidural kicked in - from then on I felt NOTHING!! I don't reckon the pain is related at all - if anything, being used to really bad period pain may make you more prepared for the pain of contractions! Contractions are going to hurt no matter what sort of periods you have. Good luck, and don't worry about labour - I think that the more positive att_tude you have towards it, the more "enjoyable" experience it will be.


Rosie - February 17

I had pretty bad cramps before. But I also think it depends on your mindset. With my first, I didn't really believe this. I thought, "It's going to be horrible no matter what I do." With my second, I planned what I was going to do, such as take a bath, relax, lay down, etc. before going to the hospital. And I also even told my husband exactly what to do the whole time. I set the atmosphere for peace from the time I started contractions. My second labor wasn't anywhere near as painful or scary as my first. It was painful of course. But much more peaceful. And I did use focal points when the contractions came, so I didn't focus so much on them. It was a much better, and more joyful experience the whole way through by having a peace of mind.


jaycee - February 18

I always had horrible periods, but I believe it just made me more pain tolerant. Contractions are the same no matter the period, I believe it is all a matter of tolerance. I had my baby naturally, not because it didn't hurt, but because I knew my own tolerance to pain. It varies with the individual.



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