Do I Have A Choice

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Karla - March 24

With my 1st pregnancy 5 yrs ago, the doctor suggested i have my baby induced at 40 weeks. He said the baby seemed to be too big and if let any longer would probably not be able to deliver va___ally. After 36 hours in labor I dilated 4cm and my water had been broken for 12 hrs. So I got a emergency c-section. I am now 5 months pregnant and the nurse was asking why i had a c-sec. She explained that i was already scheduled for a c-section 2 wks before my due date, and i the dr thinks i can have it va___ally they'll induce me. But never would they just let me wait to see what happens. I want to wait for as long as I can without c-sec. or inducing just to get peace of mind and know if i can. Do i have a choice on what happens or do I have to follow doctor's orders?


michelle - March 24

Yes, yes, yes. You have a choice. Find out everything you can about VBAC. Why would your dr decide without a trial of labor that you couldn't deliver your baby? You need more info about your case before you just let that man decide for you. Find out more about induction as well. The stats behind failed inductions and c-sec is appalling. There are many strategies for avoiding c-sec, google it and look it up. If your present dr won't accomodate you, find someone who will. You are in charge of your health care. No one can make you do something you don't want to do. Good luck.


Maleficent - March 26

michelle is so right! you need to have a serious talk with your doctor about what YOU want. i'd change doctors untill i found one that was willing to let me try labor and delivery on MY TERMS.


Stacey - March 27

I'm shocked that you would be scheduled for a c-section two weeks early. You always have a choice. I would also look for a new doctor if yours won't accomodate your wishes. As long as your baby is healthy, why not wait it out?


Jenn... - March 27

Thsi is something that should be discussed with your doctor in the very beginning. Some doctors have a policy not to VBAC, due to their malpractice insurance. Definately talk your doctor about it and voice your opinion. Keep in mind that some just won't do it. If this is important to you, you may have to find a new doctor.


HHHMMM - April 17

In my state they will not let your delivery v____ally in the hospital in you have had a c-section previously. Apparently there is a risk you will rupture your uterus where it was cut during the c-section. The hospitals here cannot get insurance coverage if they let the women have them v____ally after a c-section. Its prettty much policy here in most hospitals that you will have to schedule an induction with a c-section.


dt - May 1

Yes, you have a choice- it's YOUR body and YOUR labor! You have a right to inform yourself, and decide for yourself. Most women who have had c-secs can go on to have a v____al birth with no complications. That said, because of the small risks that accompany it, some doctors aren't willing to take the chance of your uterus rupturing by letting you try for a v____al birth. Or as HHHMMM said, some doctors simply can't due to the policies of their hospitals or insurance companies. But that still doesn't mean YOU don't have a choice! If you want a v____al birth this time, it should be fairly easy to find a doctor who is happy to oblige by letting you try. Good luck and remember- don't let anyone pressure you into a c-sec you don't want and probably don't need to have.


sept - May 1

some drs dont allow the vbac almost all of them dont do it so you might not have a chose



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