Do People Really Know What There Talking About

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redemptive_angel - June 19

I was told by several people (woman who have givin birth, not my doctor) That the baby has dropped. I am wondering if they know what they are talking about? I do waddle and have to urinate frequently (which has been the case for awhile now). However, I do not feel pressure on my pelvic bone like I though I am supposed to and I do not feel any pain other then some cramps every now and again. I am starting to wonder if people say things to make them look smarter! I have a Dr. appt. in a couple hours, I will ask him then if they have any truth behind it.


redemptive_angel - June 19

oh btw I am 36weeks and 1day today. My original due dat was June 18th (yesterday), but when I had my u/s done they moved it back to July 16th.


piratesmermaid - June 19

Wow, that's quite a due date change! My due date is July 15th, and apparently I have a waddle as well. I think a lot of people, women who have given birth, think they know, I don't want to say everything because I don't want to generalize them, but basically they do feel the need to tell you exactly how it's going to go, how it should go, what will happen, etc. And every pregnancy is different, so honestly, how could they possibly know what's going to happen to you? I suspected my baby girl dropped a few weeks ago because the shape of my belly changed, but I wasn't sure. My physical therapist also mentioned that it seemed like she was lower because the curve of my lower back had straightened (means the weight has shifted), but I didn't say she definately dropped until I spoke to my doctor. He said that it feels like she's lower, getting lower, and that was good enough for me.


Been There - June 19

Actually, I did have one person tell me I look like I've dropped. It helped me out because I swear I look like I've dropped as well. I was thinking I was imagining things. I don't feel any pelvic pressure and I just waddle because of my hips anyway. Not to mention my belly just feels big.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 20

I dropped and never felt any extra pain or pressure. I just felt like my normal self. I honestly never felt miserably pregnant like a lot of women talk about. I felt like I could run a mile right up until I had the baby. I was so full of energy all the time. It was crazy!


piratesmermaid - June 21

kayla, lucky you!! I wish I had that much energy. What's your secret? :)


livdea - June 22

my girly dropped too and I had no idea. Well...I take that back, I could see that she had dropped but didn't feel anything. I went to the dr and he informed that she was engaged and said that I was probably feeling a LOT of pressure. Actually I wasn't at all. Once in a while when I have a contraction I'll feel pressure but nothing uncomfortable. I waddle a little bit, I was told I have half a waddle and have a model strut. I still walk around in my 3 inch heels! There's a good chance your baby has dropped, I'm 37 weeks...and counting! good luck!



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