Does Castor Oil Cross The Placenta

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sp - May 29

Hi I am currently 39 weeks pregnant. I have been doing some research on natural labor inductions and it seems like castor oil is the most effective way of inducing naturally. The only problem is is that half of what I have read says that the baby will pass the meconium if you take it and half says there is no increased risk at all by using castor oil. Is there anyone out there that knows for sure if it will cross the plcaenta?? Thank you :)


sp - May 30

WOW, thanks for all of the great answers! This has helped out alot.


krista-lee - May 30

well i know that castor oil is for the bowels, it makes you have to go #2 and helps cause uterine contractions. but that all i know about it sorry : [


Bonnie - June 1

No need for sarcasm. :P Peopel are probably not answering you as they are not going to know. The best you can do is research it. I certainly wouldn't expect any hard core facts on a message board. Your OB would probably be better suited. As for my own opinion....I also researched it came up with the same thing you did. 50/50. I decided it was a risk and not one I was willing to take.


BriannasMummy - June 1

Here's what I know about it.. I havent come into contact with anyone that had the problem of it pa__sing the meconium. My mom used it with all four of her pregnancies.. works like a charm she says. I tried it with my daughter.... didnt work, didnt harm the baby.. when I asked my doctor... he told me that hes not supposed to recommend it, but he said.. just between you and me.. it cant hurt. Thats all I know about it.. hopefully it helps a tiny bit.


Jodi - June 2

I do know that you aren't supposed to take a lot of it, just a tiny bit b/c it can give you the runs and then make baby sick. It also is known for causing very, very painful contractions. Baby will come when ready, not when you're ready. I wouldn't push it, you'll miss it when you're not pregnant anymore, trust me, I thought I was miserable, but now when I think about it I miss it soooo much, I loved the feeling of him kicking around in there and now it's gone, can't wait until 1 1/2-2 years so I can experience it again. pregnancy and labor, I just loved it!!


Cloud 9 Doula - June 4

Yes, it does cross the placenta just as anything you ingest does. There are several concerns with taking castor oil for induction. Just because it is "natural" does not mean it is safe. For one, it can cause you to go into labor before your body and baby are ready. If your body and baby are ready, then you would go into labor. There is also concern that castor oil will cause the baby to pa__s meconium. I suggest "The Thinking Women's Guide to a Better Birth" by Henci Goer for correct research information.


mommie2b - June 4

castor oil is also not safe to use aswell. It can hurt you and the baby.



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