Does Castor Oil Really Work

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Sherry - May 6

i was 38 weeks pregnant with my son in the middle of summer i drank castor oil and 2 days later i had my son yes it will cause you to c___p alot. but i had success and so did one of my friends but i do reccomend that you drink it with orange juice because its so thick you dont want to drink it alone. 2 oz with a gla__s of juice


nsemple78 - November 11

I am now pregnant with my 5th child. I used castor oil with my 3rd , i had to take it twice but it worked and it took about 4 hrs to kick in. But not long after that she was born a very healthy baby girl. I also took it for my 4th child i took it at 10 am in the morning and woke up at about 5 pm in hard labour i got to the hospital n he was born within the hour. I am now 37 weeks pregnant with my 5th and i m going to do it today. I will say though it does cause diarhea and nausea . I do also believe the reason it didnt work the first time for my daughter was because i was not ready to have her. But i am not a doctor and i would not anyone to just go by my advice but this is how it worked for me . So whoever tries it good luck !!!


nicole14 - November 20

Castor Oil worked for me. I was 10 days overdue and tried everything and nothing was working. I took castor oil at 10 am and was went into labor at 7pm and had my son the next day. I would not take castor oil till you are at your due date or past due and desperate cause you body does have to be somewhat ready. If you take it to early and you don't go into labor then trust me it is not worth taking. When you take it you are dealing with the effects from the castor oil and then you go into labor and are dealing with all that so it makes for a very long process. I do swear by it though cause it definitley worked for me!!!


Faye84 - November 27

Honestly I think taking castor oil is dumb. You are almost finished just wait an extra week. Yes your uncomfortable But obviously the baby isnt ready to come out yet. Alls castor oil does is make you poop your brains out...and give you a wicked stomach ache.


samantha - December 9

I am 39 wks pregnant and want to take Castor oil tomorrow but reading some of the bad things as wot can happen is scaring me a bit as my baby has only got 1 kidney do you think it would be safe enough to take it or not?


sam071061 - December 11

II tuk castor oil yesterday at 2pm and it is now 1:30 pm the nxt day and still nothing has happend, apart from a bit if sickness nothing else. I also tuk castor oil with my first baby and it didn't work then. so if you ask me it is a load of rubbish. i have also tried a fresh pineapple and even that didn't work!


armywife79906 - December 18

Well, I'm 36 weeks 4 days today and was threatened with Pitocin at 35 weeks (induction scheduled for 36 weeks.) I begged the midwife to let me induce labor on my own and she gave me a list of ways to do it naturally. After a whole week of trying everything and nothing happened, I begged her for 1 more week to let the baby develop more and to naturally induce labor on my own. I am being very closely monitored to make sure that my condition does not get worse, but here is what I've tried. I tried Blue cohosh in combination with Black Cohosh and Pennyroyal tincture and that did NOTHING. I've walked and walked and walked and that did NOTHING. I tried nipple stimulation and that did absolutely NOTHING. My husband is deployed so s_x was out of the question. I've tried orgasm and everything else I could think of but Castor Oil. I've got 3 more days to induce and I'm going to try it. But I'm just noting that my attempts to induce labor before my little girl is 100% ready has so far failed completely. I do not expect Castor Oil to work, but it does help now knowing that the Evening Primrose Oil that I have been taking since 34 weeks has taken a little bit of an effect on my cervix in softening it up, but it is still closed. My husband and I are all about natural (and as unnatural as Castor Oil may seem to some of you) that when it comes down to induction, it's one of the most natural ways that I've found. Let's hope it works and I will let everyone know once I know the outcome. I will be taking it here in about 30 mins to an hour (expecting my aunt who is a midwife to keep an eye on me and won't try anything without her here) and then we'll see how it goes from there. I only respond since I am as desperate as any other expecting mother to get her baby here and am trying to avoid induction this Friday. (It is Tuesday.) Will respond later today (if not than hopefully I went into labor.) Good luck to everyone else who has questions about trying it.


armywife79906 - December 18

Well, I took 3 tbsp of Castor Oil mixed in with about 6 or 7 oz of Orange Juice at 1:50 pm ET and jumped in the shower for a nice warm rinse off (and in case I got sick.) It is now 2:36 pm ET and my Braxton Hicks that had gone away for 2 days straight are back and feel a little stronger. May be just my bowels getting ready to cut loose (lol) but at least I'm having the cramping. I'm going to go rest and see what comes of this. So far, I've just had mild cramps that don't really feel like anything, but then again it's only been about 45 minutes since I drank the Castor Oil. Hope to write back soon about the birth of my baby. If not, at least I know what to expect if I were to ever think about inducing with Castor Oil again.


armywife79906 - December 18

6:21 pm ET. 2 bowel movements, no contractions. 4.5 hours since Castor Oil... not regretting it (YET) but at the same time no success. Maybe it's not over yet...


armywife79906 - December 18

Took another ounce or so at 7:40 pm ET. (Started gagging so decided that I would stop at what I had already ingested and pour the rest down the drain.) I'm having really strong contractions, so I'm going to start timing them. Don't feel the need for a BM. After all, I gave all I had with the 2 BMs from the first dose. Keeping hydrated. (Contraction now, they're starting to hurt my pelvis area.) Will keep this updated. I didn't think it would work to begin with, but I'm starting to think that it could be working. (Maybe it's all mind over matter and since I didn't think it would work that it didn't to begin with. Who knows?) 9:58 pm ET


armywife79906 - December 19

2:49 am ET I am awake due to regular contractions. They started at 10 pm ET roughly and they were mild so I thought I'd take advantage of the situation and get some rest just in case. Well... almost 5 hours later and my contractions have increased. They are between 4 and 5 minutes apart and we'll see how it goes. Another half hour or so more of this and I'm headed out to the hospital. Don't always feel the Castor Oil work... that is proven.


armywife79906 - December 19

Went in to labor this morning. Got to the hospital and measured 80% effaced, 2 cms dialated and baby was at stage -2. Today is Wednesday and when I went in for my last check up at the emergency room (just this past Sunday) she hadn't even dropped. My cervix was still closed yesterday before the castor oil. Was sent home to carb up and return to a different hospital. So she'll be here tonight or tomorrow. Castor Oil worked wonders for me. (I don't even have a sore bum.) I suppose I am a lucky case to have gone from no cervical change to ready to deliver in only a matter of hours. :) Good luck to everyone else.


magali - January 19

i'm 37 weeks and i'm so scared to take this thing!!! but i'm miserable i have tried everything and nothing hasnt happen so far i have been 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced for three weeks now with baby number 5!!!!!


izzysmum - June 2

Castor oil's laxative effects are caused by muscular spasms, and it's these that trigger diarrhea and can also induce labor and/or vomiting. However, if you have previously had a Cesarean section or any other uterine surgery these spasms can be severe enough to rupture the scar on your uterus (information from the 2006 American Gastroenterological a__sociation Inst_tute Technical Review on the use of gastrointestinal medications in pregnancy). The US Federal Drugs a__sociation says that use of castor oil is contraindicated in pregnancy. I've had a look at some of the scientific research published so far (there isn't much). Two small studies have suggested that castor oil might be useful to induce labor, but only if you're overdue (57% of overdue women given a single dose of castor oil went into labor within 24 hours, compared with 4% of untreated women). Please note all these women were OVERDUE (40-42 weeks)! Please DON'T use it if you're less than 40 weeks. Baby is just not ready yet.


kendra.marie - June 3

i swear on this!!!!!!!!!! i took it with my daughter within 7 hrs i was having HARD core contractions 2-4 minutes apart but they weren't strong enough to make me dilate. ive been thinking about trying it saturday when im 36 weeks with this baby as well. it depends on how much you drink also; the dosage means alot. if your not dilated----- or enfaced it wont help.


Maitia396 - July 23

I'm a 4 days past my due date. My sister is leaving the country for 6 months to a year in 6 days and because I'm trying for a vbac I can't be induced with pitocin. I am drinking a castor oil smoothie as I type. We'll see what happens.



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