Does Castor Oil Really Work

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mama4andmore - May 4

my sister in law used castor oil it did work to start labor however because of using it it caused her baby to poop inside her and leading her right to the o.r. me personally i would rather wait then undergo a c section


lp102607 - May 9

ok so ive been wanting to try castor oil for days and my neighbor finally gave it to me today she took it and within hrs had her baby and so i took it today around 6 and its 10:30 and all its done so far is make me go to the bathroom a lot !! i swear ive been in there every 5 minutes and oh man my stomache has been hurting a lot .. well ill keep updating and hopefully it works and if it doesnt then i wouldnt recommend it but then again just because it didnt work for me doesnt mean it wont work fo r you .. soo good luck to all the mamas that try this


bagison - May 27

After reading through some of the stories we decided to try the castro oil. We were 2 weeks before our due date and my wife could not take feeling like c___p any longer. She took 3 tea spoons at 8pm and by 11 she was having a contraction every few minutes. We came to the hospital and had our little girl at 6am. IT WORKS!!! All the Nurses and Drs we spoke with about our Castro adventure said that it can not harm the baby.


gummibear85 - May 27

Hi, just dropping by to say that i tried castor oil yesterday (about 2 tablespoons) mixed with orange juice and regretfully nothing happened :( i didnt even get to poo. i just got a little hot so i went to sleep. i am due in 2 days and i was trying it cause my DOCTOR TOLD ME TO since i have been constipated for almost a week. yes he did warn me about possible induction however he called it an "old wives tale". he said to come back in a few days and if my cervix is "favorable" then he could induce me. ive been in TREMEDOUS pain for a couple weeks now and i cant take it any more ( for those who asked why some cant wait) ive never been in pain in my entire pregnancy so its not something i can just "deal with". and btw, its really not as bad tasting as some people would over-exaggerate. it tastes like flavorless lipgloss or eating chapstick. i am a food critic and i've tasted meals in restaurants that taste worse! just wondering if i should take some more. s_x is NOT an option for my husband is out to sea atm and he will not be present for the birth ( love the military)and i was a walker before and during my pregnancy so im kinda used to it. thanks!


little00blondie - May 27

^ Hey there. I had posted previously about how castor oil happened to work for me with my first (it at least helped things along), but wanted to let you know that I took a LOT more than that. Don't know if that might help? I was also dealing with chronic pain, problems and constant pre-labor symptoms, and know how you feel (same with this pregnancy- and plan on trying castor oil again near the end). I don't remember the exact amount, but it ended up getting taken in 2 doses (mixed in 8 oz. of liquid). So I had two cups of "castor oil mixture" the night before going into labor, spaced apart by about an hour... hope that helps! : ) (PS. my stomach didn't get "upset" until the next morning- right after my water broke!)


gummibear85 - May 27

Thank you! Just one more question...the bottle the pharmacy sold me is a little 4 oz bottle. (When I asked the pharmacist he said only take two tablespoons) do I need more than 4 oz? And can I take it like a shot then chug something after or does it have to be mixed? Thanks


Wellis10 - May 28

When I bought the bottle it came in a 4oz bottle too. I got a shot gla__s and filled it to the top and chugged it with a piggy back of grape juice. I did it twice. Which took about 1/2 the bottle so I think 2 ozes should be enough....but I know some that has took more. It worked like a charm for my first....and it didn't taste like anything then. But with my second.....It was horrible tasting. I could not get myself to swallow it....and when I did it would immediately come back up. So I think it depends on the


carder.295 - June 5

When I went to my doctor almost a week ago, he said I was 70% thinned out and 2 cm dialated. I'm exactly 39 weeks today and took 2oz of castor oil mixed with apple juice yesterday at 12:30pm. By 2:30, I had experienced my first bowel movement of the afternoon (not too bad, either). My contractions started coming on at about 6:30pm, getting stronger but not longer or closer together all night until about 1am, when they began to disappear. It's been over 30 hrs since I took the castor oil and still no baby :( Overall, the experience wasn't horrendous, and on the bright side, I feel very clean internally. However, I am disappointed that it didn't work because it was a last ditch effort since I've already tried s_x and walking. I'm actually considering taking it again (besides, what's the worst that could happen, I'm already cleaned out!) and walking more. Hope my input helps. Any suggestions for me?


J.lynn - March 11

i have been reading these storys all day about castor oil working or not so i decided to try it, i did about 1 1/2 t mixed with sunkist pop at about 230 pm, i read that it only works if you are close in labor, tomorrow im by due date and my OB is going to induce me tuesday but its to close to St. Pats day and i dont want to do that to my son, so im trying what i can to have him before the holiday, i lost my mucus plug about a week ago, i already went into false labor once, contractions ten mins apart for about 1 1/2 hours then they stopped, im 2+ cm dilated a week ago during my last doc appt. and he didnt tell me anything about be afaced if thats what its called, but this is my first ill keep updating if anything happens and let people know what happens lets hope it works


nana3989 - March 11

well i heard so many different stories about it so i dont even know


J.lynn - March 11

o well 2 hours ago i did the castor oil and still nothing, i been drinking a lot of water and i even eat something but nothing has happened yet


jas_jro23 - April 3

Where do you buy Castor Oil from??


ariyana9501 - April 3

You can buy Castor Oil pretty much anywhere. I bought it at Walmart, by the pharmacy. I'm sure it's sold at Walgreens, CVS, Kroger & such. Good Luck!


hannahandmia - May 6

for all the people trying to induce your labour your baby is not out for a reason because its not ready!! if your wanting your baby early then elect to have a c-section.


cmommy - June 13

I took castor oil with my 2nd. The first time I took it, I lost my mucus plug. A week later I took it again and had her in 4 hours!! No poops.. I am due with my 3rd child in a couple of weeks, but am dilated to 5 and 85%. Doc's wont help me, so I actually took it tonight so we will see. Normal dosage is 4 tbsps. I took 2 both times..


leaahbaby - June 28

why are you trying to induce your labour before your even full term? thats not healthy for your baby at all.



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