Does Castor Oil Really Work

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emmaleesmommie - August 8

did it work for anyone who wasn't due yet?? who wasn't dialated??? will it really hurt my baby??


amanda - August 8

I am 38 weeks and I am trying everything from s_x to walking to nipple stimulation and nothing has yet to work. I want to try the castor oil but I want to know if it has worked for anyone who is not yet dialated or anything?


amy - August 8

enemas cause active bowels which in return may cause uterine contractions. Same idea as castor oil. And that cant go into the babies system and wont cause the baby to pa__s a stool prior to birth.


TG - August 8

I had my first baby 6 weeks ago. I was 4 days overdue and ready to have my baby so i took castor oil. It was the third time i'd took it and the first 2 times didnt work, but the 3rd did. I didnt have diarreah or vomiting nor was my labor "messy". It will only work if you're dialated and ready for labor. and by the doesnt cause the baby to have a bowl movement in the uterus....being overdue causes the baby to have a bowl movement. So Good Luck!


Idea - August 8

Why not just have your doctor do a c-section?


Are You Serious? - August 8

B/c no dr would at that time and they wouldn't risk themselves just baby.


carol - August 9

i haven't tried this yet but i might. i have two friends who used hot sauce. really hot hot sauce. one started labor in four hours and the other the next morning. has anyone else tried it? if so how many months were you? how long did it take?


Deanna Whitworth - August 9

i dont know


AYS - August 9

Don't take my word. Ask your doctors. Lol!


PS - August 9



Missy - August 9

This person claiming to be a registered nurse has no idea what she is talking about. First of all, most bowel movements in utero are in overdue babies. All castor oil is is a lubricant and from what many doctors have told me it's the safest laxative to use during pregnancy. Mineral oil isn't a good choice because it causes poor vitamin absorption in pregnancies. Yet all I have heard about castor oil is praise. And why would midwifes and OBGYNs suggest it if it were unsafe? Also why would most hospitals require an enema before birthing? This supposed "RN" actually thinks whatever a woman intakes is in food form when given through the umbilical cord? Come on! The only reason anyone could think that is because alcohol is received by a child this way, but alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream, hence the reason. There is nothing nutritional in grease that would make it go into your blood--you'd just pa__s it through your bowels like all other wastes. And to suggest such would mean Mexican ladies would have lots of meconium babies because they eat tons of spicy food. If my tummy acid could handle it, I would chow on some Mexican gourmet myself.


Amie - August 10

Thats a good point Missy. And we can all do the research if we just put our minds to it. Alot of us on here I think are 'scared' to ask dr or MW, you don't want to be told not to use it, and maybe thats why we are asking each other on these forums. At least thats my opinion on it. *shrugs*


Missy - August 12

Yeah Amie I would agree that a lot of people are frightened to ask their doctors or midwives. Even though my experience with castor oil wasn't successful doesn't mean I would bash anyone that uses it. I must say that was pretty rude for a person to be so judgemental over women that do. With my last pregnancy I probably would have wondered why because I didn't have the baby's head on my cervix because he never dropped. With this one, boy I can understand why!


Louise - August 12

Im 2 days overdue too and wednesday night took senna as it tastes better! I did have a bad tummy til this morning but still no baby so i went through all that for nothing anyway! Any other suggestions?? :o(


lynn - August 14

I took 4tbs castor oil yesterday with orange juice had horrible stomache problems all day but no baby or contractions. I'm 38 1/2 weeks 2cm. So I guess it works for some and not for others good luck ladies!


Mandy - August 14

I am also trying EVERYTHING to help with my labor! Anyone have any ideas?



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