Does Evening Primrose Oil Works

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jude - October 15

i've been told that evening primrose oil can get your cervix ripe?? i've been told to insert it into the va___a and take it orally in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy


NG - October 16

I took it during my first preganacy 1 tab a day at 35 weeks 2 at 26 and 3 from 37 , I had my baby at 38 weeks.I was also drinking 3 cups of Rasberry leaf tea from 27 weeks. Good luck


Tori - October 17

I have been told the same thing but to take it orally not v____ally. I am at 35 weeks and 1cm. I started taking it today and hopefully get things going since my baby is already 6lbs 12 oz per ultrasound done Friday. My ob/gyn doctor actually told me about the Primrose Oil. :) Good luck to you as well.


Alissa - October 17

Is it just a pill you buy in the vitamin section at walmart


jude - October 18

yes,apparently you should take 3 tablets orally and insert 3 at bedtime?? a midwife who says she's been doing this job for 30 years swears by it?? she hardly ever see;s anyone go over due??


sian - October 18

is it evening primrose capsules?


Min - October 18

Alissa, They're capsules. Come in 500 and 1000 mg. Insert 3 caps as close to the cervix as possible at bedtime and wear a pad to catch the oil leaks. Not to be used before 37 weeks. Taken orally 3 times a day with meals will also be effective to RIPEN the cervix, not to induce labor. Tori, umm, don't wanna burst your bubble, but because you're 35 weeks and bubs is measuring 6lb 12oz doesn't mean his/her lungs are ready for the outside world yet. U/s guesstimates at weight can and have been proven to be totally wrong, your baby needs insulation/body fat which is deposited only in the last few weeks. At 35 weeks most babies are translucent and still very thin. How about allowing your little one the choice of his/her own birthday when ready? The NICU is a very daunting experience. Impatience, Sheesh!



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