Does False Labor Mean That True Labor Is Close

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Joanna - October 20

Y'day nite, I had painless contractions every 6-10 minutes for abt 3 hours...then it stopped. today morning, there was little mucous discharge...i'm also experiencing some discontinuous pain in the cervix....i'm 36 weeks preg with first baby...when i went for the u/s, the doc said tat the baby's head was lower than it shud be at 35 does all this added together mean tat i wud meet my baby in a week or so ?? Thanks in advance.


lisa - October 20

sun night i had contractions that were painfull i had to breath through them every two mins foir 3 hours, no baby came, im due in two days (sat) im only 1cm dilated but today have really bad pubic bone pain, sorry dont know the answer to your question though, i was hoping in my case that uyes false labour leads to labour.


nelly - October 20

I dont know how it is for everyone but I was in false labor Tuesday the12 of July and I lost my plug that following Thursday and I was in false labor again all night Friday night and most of the day Saturday and I went into active labor Saturday night and had her Sunday morning. I was almost 39 weeks. Have you dilated any or are you effaced any?Best of luck!!____Lisa maybe things will happen soon for you. Good luck. :~)


lisa - October 20

its friday morning im due tommorow but sooooooooo impatient, seeing my midwife today, really want this baby, what happened with my contractions, i dont understand


Hey Joanna - October 21

It doesn't mean it could be a week or so. I'm having the same as you only mine are fairly painful and around the clock and still no baby. It could happen, but don't hold your breath. Good luck.


Hey Joanna - October 21

Is the pain in your cervix extremely sharp and you have to stop walking? That's how mine has been, but it doesn't happen often.


sorry - October 21

I have been doing the same thing for the last 6 weeks. We are all different and it could be close for you, but the only sure way to know is when those contractions start for real and trust me you will know. Good luck on your first.


Joanna - October 21

Hi...thnxs for all the answers...i'm 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced @ 36 weeks....Also my belly measures 37 cms....the pain in the cervix is for abt a minute and is very i'm just keeping my fingers crossed.....just cant wait to meet the little one !!



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