Does It Really Hurt As Much As They Say It Does

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Worried - April 18

Im only 6 weeks prergnant but getting a little freaked and all the labour/birth stories Ive heard. Is it really the worst pain ever? What do contractions feel like, are they a sharp pain or more like cramp? and how much doe it hurt when baby actually come out?


Jill - April 19

Everyone is different but I think contractions hurt way worse then when you push the baby out


Daisy Jean - April 19

My friend said "I expectedit to hurt like hell and it was worse than that." I have also heard "It's not that bad." My mom had three and said "It isn't anything you can't handle." It seems to be a wide range. I think feeling confident and positive might make all the difference. Good luck.


Lynn - April 20

My friend's sister told her "just remember - you aren't going to die" before she gave birth naturally to her son. She said it hurt, but you know that it will be over so you can tolerate it. It's not like some pain that you have no idea what started it & when it's going to not hurt anymore. I had another friend tell me that it's like REALLy BAD menstrual cramps.


crystal - April 21

For me, it was a pain that I never felt in my life. It hurt like hell. Not the pushing part but those damd contractions. I had no drugs to help with the pain maybe if I did it wouldn't be that bad for me.


Maleficent - April 21

compaired to the contractions, the actual pushing was heavenly. to discribe contractions? i just don't know, but you'll defintaly KNOW when they start. i wouldn't say it was the worst pain ever though. it hurt, alot infact, but i'm doing it a 3rd time so it couldn't have been that bad.


kay - April 21

The contractions are painful, but you can get through them, the focusing and breathing really helped me.the pushing isn't so bad, and once the baby is out it's a huge sigh of releif


Jo - April 23

The hardest part is in transition but once the doc tells you to push with the contractions its much easier because you can go with it. and when the baby crowns, it feels like your c___toris is going to rip open.


Jessica - April 24

Yes it hurts as much as they say it does...and don't let anyone tell you differently! Some people have different experiences, but you can imagine what puchhing a watermelon out down there feels like! No one can say that's comfortable now can they. BUT...the reward is worth the pain. I am on the "second round" and no one goes back for a "second round" if it's that bad.


Tammy - April 27

I've had 2 kids and very short labor. It is not as bad as people tell you. For me it was like very bad period cramps. For some reason some people like to tell horror stories. Remember one thing, it's 1 day out of you life and it has an end. You can do it. Good Luck!


C - April 27

Not that I've gone through it before but everyone's pain tolerance is different. You'll get through it either way. If it's that bad for you, you'll just need an epidural. Just keep your options open and try not to worry. I hear if you are calm it hurts a lot less.


jessica - April 29

My mum was real supportive and told me it will be like S**ting a bowling ball. But it will be worth it and once it is over it is over...


LL - May 1

I did not have any bad pain. My water broke first and everybody was rushing me to the hospital like I was about to have the baby. The baby did not come. He was breech. My labor was not progressing. I was 4cm dilated and did not dilate anymore. I was having contractions and did not feel them. The ones I did feel were like a regular menstrual cramp or back pain. All of the water came out of me, so that had to give me an emergency c-section. My family that had the most easiest birth. My cousin did not have any pain with her first child, she just felt him coming out of her. She did not even have to push that much(two times). He was premature.


samantha - May 6

is it bad to have the babu ealry


Anna - May 12

I think for most people it is terribly painful, yes. There are exceptions, and there are people who labor and deliver very quickly, but you can a__sume that if you go with natural childbirth it will hurt like nothing you've ever felt before. To give you an example, I had an episiotomy with my first child. The cut was made during a contraction and I couldn't feel it through the pain of the contraction (that means someone cut my perenium with a big pair of scissors with no pain medication, not even a topical, and I didn't notice!) I agree with Jill, too, that late contraction (around 8-10 cm) hurt much more than pushing the baby out. You will be fine.


Lisa - May 12

I've had 3 children and although it may be true, I just can't seem to remember! If you ask me what a toothache or nausea feels like, I can imagine it very realistically. But I can't 'feel' the childbirth pain the same way. I guess God knew what He was doing! He knew that there may never be a 2nd child if we could remember the pain. So to answer your question, probably, but you'll get thru it just like all the billions before you. And you'll probably even want another one! Believe me, no matter how bad it is, it is soooooo worth it!


Toya - May 13

Amen Lisa! I totally agree. It's hard to remember the pain and I just had her naturally 5 days ago. One thing I do remember is that as I was going from 5cm-10cm dilated I actually felt good. It felt like my cervix was blossoming...all about the mind-set.



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