Dont No What 2 Do

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sinead36weks - November 27

hi. if some1 can get back 2 me tha would b gr8. im on my 3rd pregnancey, im 36 weeks but at 34 weeks was measuring 36 weeks and the baby was weighin like 6lb already. so guessin im still measuring 2 weeks over. so im like 38 weeks :s if u get wa i mean lol..anyway have been havin like brixton hicks sore back n all, been on here 4 days readin abou what other people av been sayin. so finaily bought the caster oil 2day and am debating on weva 2 take it, i was 5 days eairly on my 2nd baby and he was 8lb 8 1/2 thats big 4 me as im only like 5ft and normaly 7st.. so gettin 2 the point lol should i take it, can sum1 sugest weva i do it or nt.......


tskrawchuk - November 28

you can take it but it will only work if baby is ready to come out.


mrstj - November 29

Hi Sinead36...I see from a previous post that you tried Castor Oil with no luck...I personally swear by castor oil for me, but it does not work on everyone. 1st thing though is that you need to take enough...1 gulp may not be enough. I took it (about 4 tbsp) with my 2nd dd and I was on the toilet 2 hours later and in full labor 4 hours later..I delivered 6 1/2 hours after taking my first dose. I was also 37 weeks when I took it, however I was being monitored very closely by my Dr's and I knew the baby was ready to come due to several tests I'd had that week. I firmly believe that if the baby isn't ready - it won't come out. So, if I were you I would try one more time with the correct dose and if it doesn't work - that means the baby just isn't ready yet. I will be doing the same thing in 2 weeks at 37 weeks - I have Gestational Diabetes and my Dr's are going to induce at 38wks anyways...Good Luck!


sinead36weks - November 29

mrstj ---- i took 2 tbs 2day still nuffin, 2 b honest dont think im takin enouf im going 2 try 4 tbs if nothing happns then ill just w8 n c. its just so stressful, because i got a 2yr old and he hard work, what 2yr old isnt lol. but ill giv it another shot if nothin then ill just have 2 w8 till hes ready. thanks 4 gettin bck 2 me tho.



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