Driving To The Hospital

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Caroline - January 20

I am pregnant with my first - due any day. My husband works pretty far from home, and I guess I'm naive, but I've always just assumed that if I go into labor during the day, I'll drive myself to the hospital, but lately, every birth story I read, they mention getting the neighbor, or friend, relative, etc. to come drive them. Will I not be able to drive myself? Is it that bad? I mean, I handle pain pretty well, and I just thought that as long as I'm not actually needing to push, I could manage to drive. Anyone else drive themselves, and do ok?


ChaycesMom - January 20

The day I went into labor, I didnt know thats what it was, I drove myself to work that am. Its about a 45min ride without traffic. The Dr I worked with suggested I call my Dr and let him know about the pain I was having in my back, it hurt but wasnt anything like what I was expecting. The Dr told me to meet him at the hospital to be checked. So, I drove myself back from work to home, to grab my bag, then I drove myself to the hospital, another 30mins in rush hour traffic. By the time I got there the pain was worse but tolerable. WHen the Dr came in to check me, I was 4cm dialated. My water never broke and I never lost my mucous plug. All in all I drove just fine, it was only a bit akward sometime. I dont know if my story helps, but maybe.


yungmama - January 20

It is not suggested that you drive yourself. If something happens and your contractions get worst you could risk you and your baby's life.


Meredith - January 20

I would not recommend it for the reasons above, but that being said....I could have drove myself the first time, but the second one...NO WAY! I would not have even attempted it.


olivia - January 20

There is no way I could have driven. I would have a backup plan just in case. Everyone is different! Good Luck!!


izzy1052 - January 22

i may get lucky and be able to have my bf to take me cuz at one job he works 3 min. away (not exaggerating) and the other job maybe 15-20 min.. if he cant take me then i may just have to have his mom take me cuz my stepmom tends to panic and she lives like 40 min. away and i dont even want my mom there at all lol.. so hell... wish me luck on just gettin to the hospital haha


agtemt - January 22

it all depends on how bad your contractions are. I had back labor and from contraction #1 I could do littel more than curl up and wait for it to end. My second my water broke while i was alseep and it was about 2 hours before i actually went into labor. just be safe and have a backup plan. And if you dont have anyone to drive you you can always call a taxi or an ambulance. Your insurance should cover an ambulance ride in this situation.


Hannah - January 23

I was thinking the same thing.. Only my situation is a bit different - I will have to take a taxi to the hospital! And hope my water won't break in the car.


Shell - January 27

The problem is you just can't know how quickly your labour will intensify. I couldn't scratch my nose, let alone drive when I started labour. I went directly from feeling nothing to screaming like a banshee. I was lucky to be already in hospital when my labour started (gestational diabetes). Definitely have a back up plan. And don't worry about waters breaking in a taxi, carry a beachtowel with you if you are really worried but most people only lose a few drops because the baby's head blocks the opening. Good luck ladies!



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