Due Date April 1st This Saturday

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Claire - March 27

I'm due April 1st, and have 0 dialation, 50% effacement. Haven't lost my mucous plug, but do have very mucousy discharge. Lots of pre-labor symptoms (lbm, cramping, back aches, pelvic/rectal pressure, etc). Very mild BH contractions... mild enough to where they hardly register on the monitors at the hospital. Doctor says that I'll probably end up being induced next week.. after my due date. Becoming very negative in thinking baby will come by due date. Anyone else in the same predicament as me? Any imput on induction(i'm scared sh*tless)? I have an appointment tomorrow morning, wish me luck!


Preggo - March 27

Hi Claire, I'm also due April 1st. My doctor wants to induce me too because of borderline bloodpressure and serious edema which are early signs of preeclampsia and the baby is on the big side. I'm 2cm dialated and " alittle effaced"(doctor's quote) but the baby is floating and not engaged. I'm not scared of a c-section but worried wondering whats gonna happen. I too have an appointment tomorrow . He told me at my last appointment that if baby is still floating that he would probably put me in the hospital tomorrow night and ease me into labor and then start me on pitocin on wednesday. I just want my little one to drop. I'm worried about ending up with a c-section in the end after 20hrs of labor because baby never dropped. I'll try to post tomorrow on what happened at my appointment and tell you what he said... best of wishes!


Sarah - March 27

Hey! I'm due on the 29th, Wednesday and I'm also scared they may have to induce. Even though I'm 4cm and 70% (as of two weeks ago) my baby won't drop enough to put me into labor. As soon as the baby even gets close I start a few contractions, but not enough. I would actuallyl fight to wait until 42 weeks (as long as everything is ok) before inducing. I had a little bit of pitocin after my last birth to help my cervix shrink and I didn't even like that much! If I had had meds I probably would have been fine with it though. I'm glad I have a midwife because she'll wait just as long as we can and then use pit as a last resort. Good luck and I hope everything goes well with you!


Jilloh - March 27

i am due March 31. Yeah, they said I should schedule an induction date at my docs office, but today I missed the phone call from them. I have an appointment on Thursday, but secretly I hope I am in labor.


Jilloh - March 27

Oh by the way as of last Thursday No dialation, no effacement, he was still very high


claire - March 27

thank you for the quick responses. I like knowing I'm not the only one in this boat. Does anyone know the process of getting an induction? I know you go to the hospital the evening prior, but what for and how long it lasts I don't know. Everyone keep me posted. Last Thursday baby was in the -2/-3 station.. which I know is borderline of floating and being engaged. Best of wishes.. let's pray these babies come soon!!


jayee - March 27

Hi girlz, I'm due tommorrow, and I'm scared so much. This is my third child, and my youngest is 10yrs old, so it's been a while for me. I'm scheduled to be induced on Monday the 3rd, but don't have a clue to what I'm in for. Someone please tell me what will happen?


Claire - March 28

So I went to my appointment after a full night of hard contractions and some nausea this morning. My MD said that there is little progression.. my cervix is dialated to a fingertip.. not quite a cm and effacement still the same. She also stated that after last night, it could either be a bug, or it could be pre-labor.. so it's definately recommended that I take a tylenol pm tonight. (contractions will only get stronger) She said my water could break tonight (not likely but it's a possibility) or my baby could hold out until late next week. Hopefully.. if little baby doesn't come by herself before hand, they'll see some progress in my cervix ( dialated to 2cm at least )and I can be induced.. again.. if the baby doesn't come by herself. To Jayee.. I asked my MD about the process of being induced... typical induction runs as follows... will be admitted to the hospital the evening prior, and where I go, they hook you up to monitors and then stick a pill like item in you to help your cervix prepare/soften. they make you stay in bed for a couple hours and in the a.m. they start you on a pitocin drip. Everything will be okay. I'm just hoping for my little egg to hatch soon. All I know is they will NOT let me go past the 13th. Go back next Monday.. good luck to all.


Preggo - March 28

Well, I went to the my doctor's appointment and my blood pressure was higher than usual so doctor definately wants to induce me tomorrow. I'm not going to need cervidal according to him so I'm supposed to be at the hospital by 6am eastern time to start the induction and pitocin. The good news is that the baby has dropped some now but she's still not at a 0 station but at -2 instead. Hopefully the next time I type it will be to say that my little Alexa has arrived into this world as a health baby with her whole life ahead of her. I only wish the same for all of us :-).


claire - March 28

good luck to preggo tomorrow!!! i'm sure youre excited! We'll see when mine comes along. Good luck again, and enjoy your new bundle of joy! Let us know how it went!


chrissie - March 29

Same predicament, exactly! Same due date! I'm not worried, my baby will come when it is ready. I would only be induced for a medical reason ie. if placenta was failing..this usually only occurs 14 days post due date. Good-luck to you and bub!


elijahsmom - March 30

Induction can be good! WIth my first I was induced, he was 2 weeks late and FINALLY they induced...it was a great labor..contractions were very close together and harsh..BUT just BREATHE.. And I was 1cm dialated and they didnt tell me about the effacement. But dont get your hopes up...only like %12 of women have there babes on teh due date! I am currently overdue by 1day and they are going to also induce me next week if this one doesnt come soon. Just breathe..and dont forget to breath! ;) good luck!



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