During Delivery What Position Do Most Hospitals Prefer

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mandee25 - May 13

I was just wondering if most hospitals make you deliver your baby laying down in the bed or if you feel more comfortable delivering in a different position would they allow you to? For example, squatting or on all fours? What position have you ladies preferred when giving birth?


mama-beans - May 13

They can't FORCE you to be in any position. Nost hospitals are great with accomidating mom's desires in this, and unless you've had an epidural/drugs where you aren't able to do otherwise, they are rather supportive of whatever you want to do.


mama-beans - May 13

Oh, and I made the best progress when squatting.


starr - May 13

I think going into the hosp. everyone a__sumes that you will be lying in bed on your back but like mamabeans said they can't force you to be in any one position, so I would think it's whatever is comfortable for you. You should talk to your dr. before delivery if you have any other positions that you may want to try so things will be clear when you arrive.


Laurabb4 - May 14

I found sitting up, squatting was best! Did with my 2nd and third and really helped me feel in control and made pushing go a lot faster! It all depends on how the baby is doing! Sitting on the birthing ball during labor was comfortable!


falafal0 - May 17

Again, like the other posts, it is up to YOU how you give birth, wether you are in a labour ward or at home. Whatever position is most comfortable for you is what you should go with, even if you move around constantly. I agree also, that squatting or standing does help alot...


mom42 - May 17

I would have BIG problems with a hospital that told me they had a preference of the position in which I would deliver my baby! That being said, with both of mine I ended up on my back, pulling my thighs toward me, just like in the movies. I tried others, but that felt most natural and got baby out fine : )


Amanda R - May 18

I spoke with my Doc about this (you should too-- they will be able to tell you better about positions that are ok-- the hospital cannot tell you how to deliver). I tried to convey the fact that I would like to deliver squatting and he said that it was "too hard on his back" so needless to say I am peeved. I mean, come on! Like I am not going to be in any pain?! Besides most of the time they are only there to "catch". I will try to labor as much as possible squatting and will transfer to my back when he decides to show up. It sure would be great if this baby just slid out before he could make it there?!!


angelbebe - May 18

Amanda - What?!! That is what your doctor said? Wow. I heard the most painful and most unnatural way to deliver a baby is on your back. You do what you need to do and get another doctor or nurse to deliver. I would be so peeved!!


Amanda R - May 19

yup angelbebe...it's a load of c___p if I ever heard one. This Doc really seemed to be a good match for the first 35 weeks and now I am really starting to have my doubts. If we weren't in more of a rural location I would be on the hunt for a CNM that had hospital privleges. It's too late to find one of those now. If we decide to have more children in the future I will do my choosing more carefully and find out the answers to these questions on the very 1st visit. I agree...on your back is more painful and takes longer, increases your chances of having to have an episiotomy or tearing. The only reason that position ever got started was due to DOCTORS who insisted on better visibility/access for THEMSELVES! The office is on a rotation for 'on-call' deliveries so maybe I'll luck out and get one of the other Doc's who will let me deliver how I would like to.


mandee25 - May 22

I think I would prefer the standing or squatting position until I am very close and than maybe sitting up. I cannot see how lying flat on my back would be comfortable in that situation but everyone is different in their preferences. Thanks ladies!



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