Early Induction

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dboth - January 31

Has anyone been inducted early due to baby's size? I am 36.5 weeks and just has an ultrasound and they said the baby is already 7 lbs 11 oz. I am afraid that if the baby gains the normal 1/2 a pound per week that she will be 10 lbs by the time I reach 40 weeks! I want to try to have a va___al but the thought of pushing out a 10 pound baby freaks me out!!! Anyone have any input?


Ambefr - January 31

Don't always believe the ultrasound--they aren't always accurate on the weight end of things. As of now your babies lungs may not be fully developed and every day it spends inside you is more healthy for it and less expensive on hospital bills for you. If you have any concerns, discuss them with your dr. Remember you aren't full term until 37 weeks. Good luck to you!


laura - January 31

I don't know where you got that information, but my doctor told me you should be gaining half a pound a week, not your baby.


Mary - February 1

Its on all the sites and in my baby books that the baby gains approx. 1/2 lb. a week. Thats where I got my information.


Maria - February 1

The mother gains a pound per week, the baby gains a half a pound a week.


bethany - February 1

LOL i gain like 5 lbs a week =(


dboth - February 1

Bethany- me too!!! Maybe that's why my baby is so d__n big!!! LOL Mary-Thanks for responding to the 1/2 pound a week thing...I didn't want to say anything but I knew it was correct!


To dboth - February 5

I've done it twice (9.5 & 10 pounds), even if they're right about size you'll get through. You dilate and stretch some, no worries. Congrats.


Sammy33 - March 10

I have the exact situation and my doctor told me that the baby will grow half a pound this week then next week a bit more and the last week may gain and entire pound. It is exponential growth just like when you grow tomatoes! Hahaha! My last baby was 9lbs. 3oz. and I was in labor for 42 hours. He (My doc) will induce me one week early to save me that last pound. I was also told that it is safe to induce at 39 weeks. Oh and if they are using the million dollar ultra sound machines they ARE accurate to the exact ounce. The prediction of growth from an ultrasound at 36 weeks to the 40 week size is accurate by 15 percent.


jamie - March 10

I just went in for an u/s today and found out the baby is measuring 9.5, and I am 37.5 weeks so I am having an induction tomorrow. Kinda scared though b/c this whole thing was unplanned.


mama-beans - March 12

to Sammy33: Not true about the machines. My SIL just came home from the hospital with her 4 pound 12 ounce baby.... a baby they told her would be 6 pounds 8 ounces as per her expensive ultrasound results.


hi mama beans - March 12

I saw a post of yours in the Infant Care section about MMR vaccines and it not containing aborted fetal cells. Some manufacturers do still use aborted fetal cells to make vaccines, even newly vaccines contain aborted getal cells. Noticed you cited the CDC website for your information. So here's a link to the CDC website that says some vaccines DO contain aborted fetal cells. http://www.cdc.gov/nip/vacsafe/concerns/gen/contamination.htm You should do a serach as not only does MMR vaccine contain them but some others. Fortunately some of them have alternatives that do not contain fetal cells. ( I don't care to register which is why I posted here)


claire - March 13

how come you ladies are going in for ultrasounds towards the end? my doctor told me that the ultrasound done at 18 weeks (s_x of baby) is the last one... i'm 37 weeks and from my knowledge, they don't plan on doing another one.


to dboth - March 13

my landlord said she had 10lb, 11lb, then 9.5lb.. all v____al. I asked her if they even considered a c-section and she said no. Apparently it's possible, and it can't be that bad if she did it 3 times.. good luck.


Jilloh - March 15

to answer what Claire was asking from my personal experience. I have had an ultrasound each visit (starting at 8 weeks and will end at my last appointment before the baby is born). My doc does this to check the baby, hear the heartbeat, measure the baby, and such. I don't think it is all bad for ladies to get ultrasounds towards the end......All I know is different doctors do things diffrently. I am sure yours does what s/he feels best.


sparky - March 29

I am in a similar situation my mother had two 9.8oz babies and I don't want to follow in her footsteps. I am 36.5 weeks and would love to deliver early! Good luck!


Hannah777 - March 29

Your doc could induce early to spear you a few pounds. speak to her or him.



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