Early Labor Or BH S

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MamaKW10 - June 4

Hey everyone! I have been having a lot of BH's lately & they have been pretty uncomfortable! Well last night I couldn't go to sleep & I sleep good on my couch so dh got me and all of our blankets and we went downstairs to sleep there. Well all of the sudden I started having pains/cramps/contractions (I don't know) and it was hurting really bad. It started at the top of my stomach and wrapped down to the bottom. I couldn't time them though. I finally fell asleep. I kept waking up after that and everytime having the same pains but I just kept going back to sleep. I didn't think anything of it since I slept.....I didn't think if I was having real contractions that I would be able to sleep. But then this morning I finally got up and I had some really white discharge....it wasn't a lot of it but it just was extremely white and not thick. I am still having some pains but not as bad. Baby feels fine and he has moved a little this morning. (he feels different though in my belly like he has moved further down b/c before his feet and all was right at my ribs but now it feels like he is in the middle) I don't think I have started labor...but I have also never had a baby. Does anyone have any comments on this or could anyone help me out? I am 35 weeks & I don't want to go to the hospital or anything until I feel like it is time. :(


flower.momma - June 4

When you are in labor, you know it. The pain is unlike anything you have ever felt, and you will be like, yup, this is it, no question. I had symptoms like yours around 36 weeks and went in to the hospital, only to be sent home a few hours later. It sounds like your body is just getting ready for labor, but it doesn't mean that labor will start anytime soon. I went 6 days late after weeks and weeks of strong BH contractions. I also had days where the contractions would get harder and harder, and I would start to time them, then they would dissapear. It is good that your baby has dropped though, your body is getting ready and in a few short weeks you'll be holding you son. I know that it feels like he'll never come, but you can't stay pregnant forever.


Daniella - June 9

The pain might be an infection.. especially if your having white discharge. I had lots of discharge with my pregnancy, but never white. Usually yellow gel like mucus. They say if its white, it is a huge sign of infection and can cause much pain plus preterm labor... YET, if your in active labor you wouldn't even be able to type a post here much less even think about it. If your able to type something, talk or pretty much do anything but balled up then your not in active labor. Sounds real bad as I've said in other post... but its true... the pain is what causes baby to come and the worse it is, the better. I was shaking, throwing up in the kitchen sink and had cramps and contractions so bad I couldn't leave the sink and they finally subsitted and I fell asleep. When I was in real labor, what I just described wasn't even close to what you feel. It really is that bad.. but, it does end and you will have a baby in your arms.



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