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Brooke - October 20

i am 21 with first baby. Iam 34.5 weeks pregnant. Last night from 9.30pm till 4.30am i could not sleep..i was gettin these horrible sort of cramping but also sharpish pains in the pelvic area they happened almost every 20mins then it would fade and then another 20mins and it would come back..are the contractions? It was also accompanied with alot of back pain. If i tried to go to the toilet the pains got worse...i dont know ne thing about contractions yet as i start my classes tonight can ne one give me some advice????


name - October 20

perhaps they are braxton hicks. this is my 1st too so I don't know what a contraction is either.. I'd like to see the other responses tho :p


Josie - October 21

Just call your doctor. No one here is an expert. I wouldn't mess around.


mistey - November 2

my advice would be call your doc too it is better to be safe.iv am preg with 4th and i have not experienced this only braxton hicks which can be uncomfortable and a little painful but that is all.


Brooke - November 2

i told my doc the other day adn all that she said was we...if u go into labour u go into labour...im never goen to a public hospital with another pregnancy ever again they r soo unhelpful sometimes.it feels like they just want u in and out and the amount of times i get a student doc as well it makes it really uncomfortable to tell ur doc whats wrong.


V - November 25

Labour usually occurs from your 35th week on to 40wks you must remember your due date is just an estimated date it is not exact. No one can truly tell a person exactly when they will give birth. I personally have had 2 child now expecting my third. My first child I was 37wks and 3 days. My second child I was exactly 36 weeks when I went into labour. This third baby I am now 35 weeks and myself do experience some of the same symtoms as you. If your water breaks then labour is happening go to hospital don't take any chances. If your water does not break and you get really strong bad pains which is unbearable and frequent example every 5 to 7 mins start heading to the hospital and make sure you tell them your water has not broken because it is extremely painful until they do break the water. This I have experienced for my 2 child that I had 14 yrs ago. I hope with this third baby my water breaks. Not trying to scare you but that is a possiblity that doctor's sometimes fail to mention to their clients. Doctor's always a__sume that every woman's water is going to break when it's labour time. The water bag blocks the baby and can cause stress and exhaust the baby from doing what it is naturally trying to do be born.


jill - December 1

brooke , im having the same problem only ive had it 3 days now they say i have a bladder infection ,so you may have the same go to the hospital....


summer - December 27

I have been having the same problems since my 30th week. The doctors seem to get tired of hearing me complain. I get discouraged to even call them but, remember this.(It's your baby, and you are paying them!) There are a lot of things that can go wrong and don't hesitate to call the doctor at anytime!


Debbie - December 30

I have been having those same pains for 4 days but after 2 days of them i actually went to hospital to be told i was in early labour and was 2 cms dialated and 50% affaced i am 36 wks!! I hope i go into established labour soon as i am not enjoying these cramps and back aches i just want it over with now. good luck!!


natalie - January 30

you must go and see your gp as it is very possible that you have a urine infection, i had that with my second, but it could also be growing pains as your baby is putting on weight now and there is not much room in your tommy, baby could be lying on a nerve


vivian - January 31

you'll know if they are contractions they hurt it probably was braxton hicks I am 35 weeks with my 2nd I feel like that some nights but trust me you would know if they were contractions


erin - February 9

i had this problem when i was still preggo, all it was, was the baby dropping, putting more pressure than usual on the bladder, it felt like a coudn't do anything, i couldn't stand sit, go to the washroomas but as a first pg i didnt know what it was and was scared so i think that it made it worse. but like others have said talk to a dr, noone knows for sure what it could have been, not a time to mess around. good luck


Amy - February 21

I has alot of braxton hicks, then about the 37th week they went away, i has a bladder infection twice. So i bet that is what it is.


Amy - February 21

Whoops i ment to type had, not has.


Amy - February 21

Im 39 weeks pregnant, and i am 90% effaced. I am 1 cm dilated. 2 wedensdays ago i was 75% effaced, then last wedensday i was 90%. I am so ready for this baby to come out.


risca - March 16

this is called contraction. you must go to your doctor. may be your doctor will give you some medicine to stop your contraction and try to find why this contraction happen, caused of contraction may be you have disease on your v____al like fluor albus. if this contraction continue, you will delivery baby, and it worse for your baby.


tina - March 30

what can u do to bus the water faster



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