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Very concerned Mimi - May 11

I am almost 27th week. At my last appoin. doctor noticed that my cervix is soft but not dilated and prescribed magnesium 2 X1. He didn't told me to rest neither to stop any activity. he just noticed that it is early for cervix to begun softening. I feel good, sometimes have light pelvic pressure, some cramps for few minutes , sometimes light backaches but all of these seem normal for pregnancy. What I am wondering is what does it man to have soft cevrix at this stage? do this mean i am going to pre term labour or i will be dilated eralier..pls help


Maleficent - May 11

my totally non medical opinion is that it doesn't mean much. i was effaced for months before i delivered. i was dilalted to 2-3 cm for over a month. it is quite early in your case, but it sounds like your doctor just wants to keep an eye on you and see how things go. i wouldn't worry, i think he'll have more information for you at your next appointment. you have to just wait and see if there have been any more changes between now and then.


ja - May 11

i dont think that is normal.i would get a secound opinion from another doctor.the good thing is though that at 27 weeks the baby is viable with a decent chance of surviving if born now....but he would be in nicu for weeks and i pray that no mother would have to see her child go through that.dont have any s_x(or orgasm)...take it extra easy!!!no excersizing ...put yourself on bedrest!watch the teas you drink also.your in my prayers ...good luck!


Maleficent - May 12

no offence to JA but that is such an over reaction. take the perscription and go about your business. don't freak out over this. it's going to be fine, seriously.


ja - May 12

i not telling you to stress out...maybe it came out the wrong way...just for precaution i would be prudent.im just saying that softening that early is not normal and a second opinion has been known to save thousands....it cant hurt.


Mimi - May 12

Ok, the cervix needs to be : enough soft, dilated and effaced in order to be ready for labor. Even if this conditions happens than you should have contractions to push baby....Woman may have very thick and not dilated cervix and go in labour for 24 hours or she could stay dilated 6 cm for weeks and not going to labour. this is what i have found out after checking and checking and checking... look at google the article" the myth of v____al exams"... This is the reason why in many countries docs don't do v____al exams till week 36th. In my country they do it monthly. Girls thanks for your attention and keep posting on this subject, please...


ja - May 13

yeah you are absoulty right!the reason for dialation,softening of the cervix ,effacement is to prepare your body for labor.meaning it is SUPOSSED to come soon.but not always the case...there has been people in their 35 week that are 6 centimeters dialated and still pregnant. if i were you i would request to your doctor that you do not have v____al exams until the 36 week.the reason that they dont do them in the usa is because in case the do a v____al exam and touch your cervix the wrong way and start you to dialate or soften....a baby at 36 weeks has an above 90% chance of surviving with NO medical intervention.good luck and keep on researching!


Missie - June 2

I think it is very normal. The cervix is normally softer in pregnancy anyway. Watch your dietary intake and make sure you get plenty. Here are some ideas to help you prolong your pregnancy and grow the healthiest baby possible. Take a fish oil supplement and eat plenty of fresh veggies and good proteins. use sea salt to taste and up your vitamin C and zinc to help your immune system be strong and to keep your bag of waters strong. Drink Red raspberry leaf and Nettles tea to tone your pelvic muscles and add extra nutrients to your body. Take baths in epsom salt every day (epsom salt is magnesium) and use a good wet gray sea salt to taste and about 100 ounces of water to make sure your body has the essential needs to take care of your baby met. www.geocities.com/upholder_of_birth


cat1214 - April 2

Missie, your information is WAYYYYYY off! I usually never post comments on blog boards but the advice you are giving these women is harmful and irresponsible. First, the cervix is NOT softer during pregnancy. The cervix is long and firm and about 2 inches in diameter. (Although with subsequent pregnancies it may be slightly shorter, but the point of the cervix is to keep the baby inside so its definitely MORE firm during pregnancy.) Softening of the cervix is a sign that your body is preparing for baby's entrance but is not a good predictor as to WHEN you are going to have the baby. The softening of the cervix just tells us that YES you will indeed have this baby, your pregnancy is not a chronic condition lol. Lastly and most importantly the teas Missie has suggested are very harmful to pregnant women as both raspberry leaf and nettle teas have uterine stimulants. You absolutely should NOT drink those teas at 27 wks. Some midwives actually recommend raspberry leaf tea for women who have past their due date. Raspberry leaf tea and nettle teas can trigger a uterine response that could lead to preterm labour and premature birth. Your doctors advice seems spot on to me as magnesium gently relaxes the muscles in the uterus and the bowels.


cat1214 - April 2

The forum doesnt allow links but if you'd like more information about the safety of herbal teas in pregnancy google search baby center herbal teas in pregnancy.


natvan - December 14

im 34 weeks and just got back from the hospital. i went to my regular appt today and told my dr i was having some cramping and back ache he did a pelvic and said my cervix was soft and sent me over right away for what i think he called a non stress test were he hooked me up and watched the babies heart and my uterus. turned out i was haveing small contractions every minute and he put me on brethine ever four hours and bedrest for the next two weeks. i had problems in my first pregnancy with my cervix starting at 26 weeks and ended up in the hospital from 26 weeks till 32 when i left ama to do my bedrest at home and had my daughter at 36 weeks. my husbands cousin just lost her baby in aug because the hospital er sent her home when she was haveing cramps at 20 weeks the baby was born a week later. during both my pregnancy's i have seen lots of dr's and i think its always ok to get another dr to look you over if your even a little bit worried about you care. in the mean time i would take it easy. with my first i got to 8cm without anything more than a few period like cramps and back ache. and to add to cat1214 about missie's post never get a bath when your haveing problems with your cervix. most dr's frown on bath's while pregnant right up until giving birth, and then till after you have healed from birth because of all the bacteria in the water it can case all kind of problems. some of my dr's wouldn't even do birthing in water because of this. it was something i wanted very much with my first.



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